Are You Ready For A Disney Intervention?  Signs You Need a Disney Vacation

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After a particularly stressful day, have you ever had a loved one hug you, make you tea, or ask what they could do to make the day better? Like any true Disney fan, you know exactly what can turn the gloomiest day around. While not backed up by scientific research (yet!), Disney fanatics can expect to exhibit the following symptoms if they’ve spent too much time away from their happy place. Could this be you? Here are some signs that you may be due for a magical getaway.

1. You Can’t Stop Listening to Disney Music

Whether it’s at work, in the car, or blasting through speakers at home – you just can’t seem to get enough of Disney music. Everything from movie scores to Broadway productions to music from the Magic Kingdom fireworks has a #1 spot on your playlist. And no matter how many times you listen to the majestic “Circle of Life” opening, you still get first-time goosebumps. Also, you may hum or sing Disney tunes under your breath without even realizing it! Visiting Walt Disney World is the best cure as all guests are surrounded by these breathtaking melodies 24/7.

2. You Only Want to Watch Disney Movies and YouTubers

In a world full of endless streaming and entertainment options – you are only interested in Disney-related programs. Luckily for you, the options are vast. With the huge library of Disney films, television series, and Disney-loving YouTubers - there is no shortage of options from movies to walk-through videos of attractions. Specifically, if the thought of watching a non-Disney movies sounds terribly gloomy or dull, you may be in withdrawal.  

3. You Rock Disney Swag on a Regular Basis

Clothing. Jewelry. Key Chains. Office Knick Knacks. Hard-core Disney fans always bring back souvenirs to add a little pixie dust to their daily routine. If you find comfort in putting on your Mickey baseball cap or wearing your Goofy pajamas to bed, then it may be time to increase your collection. (And after all, is there a better place to shop for Disney merchandise other than the Main Street U.S.A. Emporium? I think not.)

4. You Keep Recreating Disney Recipes in Your Kitchen

Many Disney fans have a litany of favorite snacks. Fortunately, many food bloggers have recreated these recipes and are sharing them with the online world. This means that (after a quick trip to the grocery store) you have the ability to re-create the Brown Derby’s Grapefruit Cake, Pop Century’s Tie Dye Cheesecake, and ‘Ohana’s Pineapple Coconut Bread Pudding. For less adventurous cooks, you can buy appliances to make simpler Mickey-shaped treats like cookies, waffles, and even scrambled eggs! The point being, if you keep researching how to copy recipes or if you’re convinced that food tastes better in a Mickey shape, maybe a Cast Member should be serving up your next meal.

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