Behind The Scenes With Disney Security -6 Ways Disney Keeps You Safe on Vacation

Did you know that Disney serves more than 600 million guests on over 250 attractions worldwide? With that many people at stake, it’s no wonder that Disney places a high value on safety and security measures. Here are a few ways that the world’s most innovative entertaining corporation ensures that you not only have fun, but also stay safe during your visit.

6. Security Personnel – Disney parks employ over 1200 security professionals who patrol the grounds and control access at various checkpoints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to some reports, you may not even see some of them. Undercover security members dress as tourists and watch guests inconspicuously for suspicious behavior, communicating with uniformed security via disguised two-way radios. In addition, every cast member is trained to be on the lookout for security. Every name badge is imprinted with the number to access a direct security line. This is comforting for parents with small children who may not be able to distinguish one uniform from another – telling kids to look for a person with a name badge could help if they get lost. Check out our article “What To Do If Your Child Is Lost In Disney Parks” for more information.

5. Magic Bands – Speaking of lost children, the Magic Band technology is good for more than just park access. Magic Bands are equipped with high frequency radio transmitter chips. We are all aware that radio transmitters work for short range applications, like the Fast Pass orbs. This is the same technology that credit cards are equipped with. But the Magic Bands also work in long range scenarios. If a member of your party goes missing, security will be able to locate them via the signal from their Magic Band. Hopefully you’d never need this, but if you did…so awesome.

4. Emergency Preparedness – Did you know that Disney maintains both a police station and a fire station on park property? Local authorities also keep a permanent presence on-site due to the high volume of people. In addition, Disney runs quarterly exercises with first responders and the local SWAT teams to ensure the quickest possible response in case of any emergency.

3. Medical Readiness – Disney is prepared for the worst should you encounter a medical emergency during your visit. There are four complete medical facilities on-site in Walt Disney World and three facilities in Disneyland. In addition, each park has its own Medical Assistance Response Cart stationed inside to assist guests within minutes should they get ill or injured. Also, between the parks and the cruise ships there are over 900 defibrillator machines available, so one is always nearby when seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

2. Imagineering Safety – It’s no surprise that Disney is on the cutting edge of safety measures when it comes to attractions. Imagineers at Disney do more than just make sure the rides are fun – they also take painstaking measures to ensure the engineering is sound and safe too. For instance, the seat belts on rides like DINOSAUR are so unique, Disney actually holds a patent on them. You may have noticed the yellow pull straps, so guests can give it a tug to make sure it’s latched. But the belts also have sensors so ride operators are alerted if someone is not completely buckled. In addition, once the ride begins, the buckles will not open – a good measure when it comes to kids and teens, who may tend to be a little careless with their own safety. Rides are also equipped with redundant brakes, anti-rollback mechanisms, a backup power source, over-speed detectors, and more. To keep risky guests from endangering themselves, there are also video cameras (with night vision in the dark areas) and pressure sensitive mats on the platforms that alert cast members if anyone climbs out.

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1. Mickey After Dark – The rides may have great technology, but they definitely can’t stay safe all by themselves. Every night after the park closing, a whole team of people step in to perform routine scheduled maintenance and safety checks. Yes, that means they are up all night working so that the park is safe and functional before re-opening. Unless a ride is cleared by the Mickey After Dark team, it will not operate the next day. The team not only runs diagnostic tests, but also replaces parts on a timed schedule before they even have a chance to break down. Rides are also routinely shut down at length, so that the crews can test more thoroughly and make necessary repairs and adjustments. That may be inconvenient if it happens during your visit, but in the long run I’m sure we’re all very grateful.

So guests, you can rest easy. It’s nice to know that when it comes to your family’s safety, Disney is just as vigilant as you are.

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