Beware of These 10 Things At Walt Disney World

Horse Magic Kingdom Castle

A trip to Walt Disney World should be a fun, happy occasion for everyone! But unfortunately, things can and do go wrong. Be ready for these 10 problems that just might crop up during your trip. If you’re prepared, you can manage them and continue on with a great vacation!

1. Crazy Florida Weather

Florida is deserving of it’s name, “The Sunshine State,” but we experience a wide range of weather here. Hot and sunny, windy and rainy, and sometimes even cold (really!) Be sure you are prepared for the weather during your visit. While during the summer it’s pretty much guaranteed to be very hot with some periods of rain, winter can be unpredictable. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes quite temperate, and occasionally very cool. I recently visited Magic Kingdom on a day that never got warmer than 55 degrees. I saw visitors in shorts and tank tops, wrapped up in beach towels for warmth! Be sure to pack clothing appropriate for the predicted weather, but bring a jacket or two, just in case. And always be prepared for rain, even during the winter “dry season.”

2. Ride Closures

Every ride in Walt Disney World has to go down for routine maintenance from time to time. Disney publishes scheduled ride closures in advance, so you should know before you go if a particular ride will be unavailable. Make sure you check ahead of time so you aren’t disappointed when your favorite ride is closed for the duration of your visit! Sometimes a ride must close unexpectedly, for maintenance issues or for bad weather. If it happens to you, try to remain positive. There are many other things to do in the park, and you can still have a great day. Chances are the ride will reopen soon. And please don’t take out your frustrations on cast members; the sudden lightening storm certainly isn’t their fault!

3. Motion Sickness

If you’re like me, you know the effects of motion sickness all too well. If you’re prone to motion sickness pay attention to the warning signs outside of each attraction – they’ll let you know if the motion of the ride might make you sick. Ask a cast member if you aren’t sure – they can let you know what the ride is like so you can better judge if you can handle it. Have trouble with roller coasters? Take a break while your party rides Space Mountain, Rock n Roller Coaster, and Expedition: Everest. Simulator rides leave you with all-to-real nausea? Skip Star Tours. If spinning rides are a problem for you, you’re going to want to avoid Mission Space: Orange Team (Team Green might be ok as it doesn’t spin), Primeval Whirl, and the Mad Tea Party. Yes, I know the Mad Tea Party is a ride that even little kids can experience, but if you get motion sick, skip it! And if you insist on riding, for the love of Mickey DON’T SPIN YOUR CUP! While it’s a bummer to sit out a cool ride, the effects of motion sickness can last for hours and ruin your entire Disney day. Better safe than sorry.

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