Disney Announces Their Plans For Hollywood Studios

At this year’s Annual Meeting Of Disney Shareholders in SanFrancisco, CEO Bob Iger mistakenly spilled the beans on a Disney secret, that Hollywood Studios was getting re-themed. As shockwaves rippled throughout the Disney fan community these last weeks, we’ve all wondered what’s in store for this vibrant park. We’ve finally gotten the inside scoop regarding Disney’s plans and while some have speculated about an even greater invasion of Star Wars in the tinsel town park, this has turned out not to be so. So here’s the big secret… Imagineers have just unveiled the Disney Villain’s Adventure Park!

With the overwhelming success of the Tower of Terror, Villain weekends and the Not So Scary Halloween Party, planners have constructed an exciting new theme that is guaranteed to frightfully delight and enchant guests of all ages! Here are a few of the villain-themed attractions Disney Imagineers have in store for us:

6. The centerpiece of the Disney Adventure Park will be Maleficent the Dragon… the one from the original Sleeping Beauty movie. With ghoulish green eyes, ominous, black, scaly body… this structure is sure to successfully anchor this park’s devilish charm.

5. Ursula’s Twirling Tentacles – Think one part Triceratops Spin and two parts Tower of Terror and you’ll get the idea behind this ride which rotates around the ample girth of the villainous Ursula from The Little Mermaid!

4. Captain Hook’s Battle Boats – This ride sounds the most inventive utilizing bumper boats in a tumultuous sea. Riders can pilot and steer their own boat and ram into other schooners as they race to Neverland. With the success of the Flight of Peter Pan in Magic Kingdom, this wet ride in particular promises to delight park goers especially on scorching Florida days!

3. The Evildoer’s Parade – In the Not So Scary Halloween Party, guests are thrilled by the entrance of the awe-inspiring headless horseman… now, we won’t have to wait until Halloween to see this ghoulish rider! He’ll lead the mid-day parade atop his enormous draft horse! Designers and choreographers are still making plans for the rest of this spectacle. Stay tuned for more details!

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2. Cruella Deville Speedway – Antique roadsters will top this twisty, turvy roller coaster as you race after the 101 Dalmatian puppies.

1. April Fools! We really have no idea what Disney has in store for Hollywood Studios. Your guess is as good as ours! We hope we didn’t freak you out too badly!

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