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Disney Intervention - 10 Clear Signs That You're Ready For A Trip To Disney World

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Everyone loves Walt Disney World Resort, but while many are content with a trip every few years, there are those who need their fix more often than others. If this is you, then you’re a true “Disney Fanatic”. The magic of Disney can keep you going for some time, but if your trip was "a long time ago" then you’ve likely already started showing these 10 signs that you’re ready for another!

10. You Find Everything Non-Disney-related Uninspiring

The only downside to visiting the resort is that once you’ve been, everything in life pales in comparison – a little like the Pride Lands once Scar takes over, minus the hyenas. This dreary, dismal, Disney-less despair does wear off, but if once again you suddenly find everything around you duller than usual, it’s time for an adventure. There’s just no fun in seeing the world through Sadness’s eyes!

9. You’re More Grumpy Than Happy

Yearning for Walt Disney World Resort can involve a mixture of emotions. One minute you’re having a “wonderful day”, and the next you’re doing your best Grumpy impressions during a work meeting (no matter how often you might sing “Heigh-Ho” on the way in). So to be more “Happy” than “Grumpy”, book your trip and “it’s off to Walt Disney World Resort you go”!

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