Disney Miniature Golf 101 - Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland

Let's Recap!

1. The Courses

Fantasia Gardens and Fairways is inspired by classic Disney movie Fantasia, but is perhaps the more traditional course out of the two. With that said, there’s absolutely nothingtraditional about it. After all, you’ll work your way through five sets that are occupied by hippos in tutus and magical broomsticks! At least the backdrop of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will help keep you grounded – even if it’s the last ride that would otherwise do such a thing.

As for Winter Summerland, well, the clue’s in the name. And it’s the most magical, too – because it’s Florida and it’s snowing! This is home – or one of many, rather – to Santa’s elves, and the course is split into two elf camps, each one with its own 18-hole course. One is a warm, summery place, while the other is covered in thick snow, and is the perfect place for Olaf, especially with Squirty the Snowman around for company. On that note, despite his love for all things summer, do keep Olaf away from the Summer Course, as the snowmen here are melting a little…

2. The Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is simple – putt your ball as many times as you possibly can and then move on to the next hole. Playing it isn’t so easy, though. That’s not to suggest it’s next to impossible, but if you’ve ever played crazy golf before, you’ll know why they call it “crazy” – and here at Walt Disney World Resort it’s fair to say that crazy is the new ordinary!

All courses are 18-holes, and the golf courses are simply scaled-down versions of real ones (if of course you were to throw in hippos in tutus and a whole bunch of North Pole-born characters). But this isn’t about pot luck – it’s about skill. You’ll face the typical golfing obstacles, from sand traps and bunkers to water hazards and slopes. You’ll be pleased to know that the game welcomes golfers of all levels of experience, though, including those who have none!

3. Photo Opportunities

Unlike the parks and the rest of the resort, unfortunately you can’t just stroll through these courses as you please. This means you’re going to want to get as much for your money as possible, so be sure to grab some selfies and photos of all the props and models as you possibly can. But whatever you do, don’t let them distract you from the game!

At Fantasia Gardens and Fairways, there’s a Sorcerer Mickey statue – yes, the one from Fantasia. And at Winter Summerland you’ll discover a snow-clad Mickey – don’t worry, he’s as safe as Olaf in the sun. There are far more photo opportunities than just Mickey, though – like the quirky, color-soaked obstacles, Christmas decorations, magical objects and all the other characters that inhabit these courses.

4. Booking Details

Whichever course you choose – or perhaps you’ll choose both - tickets for adults (age 10 and upwards) cost around $14 and around $12 for the younglings (between 3 and 9 years old). Just take note that these prices don’t include taxes. As for opening times, they’re usually from 10am until 11pm, but you might want to go as early as possible to avoid both the crowds and the heat.

When booking your Walt Disney World Resort tickets, consider Disney’s Ultimate Tickets. They offer unlimited access to everything there is across the entire resort, including the Fantasia Gardens and Fairways and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf courses (you’ll get one round per day before 4pm at one course or the other). In fact, you could say that these tickets are “a hole in one”!

Disney Miniature Golf welcomes guests of all ages, and is a perfect family-centric experience, so why not take a real “swing” at it? You’ll also get to test your Tigger Hundred Acre Woods – sorry, Tiger Woods – skills like never before!

By Daniel

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