Disney Refills Previously Sold Out Boo Bash Dates But Still Says Shorter Waits

Credit: Disney

With “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” and new Disney After Hours Boo Bash taking place, guests are flocking to Magic Kingdom. It seems Disney fans are ready to enjoy all the spooks and treats Disney can dish out. Tickets are now on sale for the Disney After Hours Boo Bash special ticketed event. While we previously shared dates were selling out fast, it seems Disney has decided to refill the previously sold out dates. Disney is however still saying we can expect shorter wait times.

Credit: Disney

On June 23, there were 12 sold out Disney After Hours Boo Bash party dates including: August 10, September 21, September 24, October 5, October 8, October 12, October 15, October 19, October 22, October 26, October 29, and October 31. As of right now, on June 26, there are only four sold out Boo Bash dates including August 10, August 17, October 5, and October 31.

We knew the event would be popular as Disney actually had to add more Disney After Hours Boo Bash dates before tickets were even being sold to the general public. We were surprised however that Disney decided to open up more tickets on previously sold out dates.

Credit: Disney

According to the website, Disney says we can expect to “Spend Less Time in Line”. “Enjoy shorter waits at over 20 Magic Kingdom attractions. Disney After Hours Boo Bash lets a limited number of Guests experience the park for an additional 3 hours after it closes. That means less waiting in line at popular experiences like Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain!”

We’re hoping with this recent refills of tickets on previously sold out dates, we can still expect the same short waits so the three hours don’t go by waiting in line. Are you planning to party at one of the Boo Bash events? You’ll find us enjoying the complimentary snacks and waving at the villainous characters! Purchase your tickets here while they are still available. Have a spooktacular time planning your Boo Bash fun!

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