Disney World Remorse -10 Experiences You’ll Regret NOT Having

Castle at night with fireworks

Walt Disney World is one of the top tourist destinations in all the world. Disney fans travel from different cities and countries to visit every year. Each and every trip there always seems to be something that we miss out on seeing or doing. The following are my top 10 experiences you’ll regret NOT doing at Walt Disney World.


10. Missing the Firework Shows

Walt Disney World has some of the most extravagant firework shows that seem to get bigger and better every time you see them. Now with the addition of the new lighting and even better technology the shows are truly magical! To miss one of these shows on any WDW vacation would truly be regrettable.

9. Not Staying On Property

Staying on property at Walt Disney World is a part of the full Disney vacation experience indeed. Disney goes above and beyond to ensure that your trip is magical throughout your stay. Once you park your car you won’t have to touch it again until you leave. With your stay you have full access to all modes of Walt Disney World transportation. One thing we like to do is to go explore other resorts on property. This could easily be a full day experience because each resort has so much to do and so many awesome places to eat.

8. Ignoring The Unique Restaurants

Walt Disney World’s selection of restaurants is that of some major cities. You can get types of food from almost every category and every country. The types of restaurants are so different and unique there is no where else you could try them except in WDW. Everyone should try at least 1 on each and every vacation.

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7. Missing The Parades

Walt Disney World has always been known for having fantastic one of a kind parades. I can remember the first time I saw the Main Street Electrical Parade and how in awe I was. There were so many lights and huge floats. The Pete’s Dragon one was always my favorite. I wanted to ride up there with Pete so bad! Even today WDW keeps the excitement of parades going by continuing to evolve with the floats, characters and interaction with the audience. Missing at least one parade on any given trip would be regretful.

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6. Not Staying Until Final Closing

Closing down one of the parks at Walt Disney World is a must do in my opinion. On each of our family trips we would try to close down the Magic Kingdom at least once. It was such an amazing feeling being one of the last ones in the park and how peaceful it is when you’re taking that last stroll down Main Street. With the area music playing in the background and the lights shinning brightly, it is a wonderful way to cap off the end of a magical Disney vacation.

5. Not Riding the Monorail

With all the different modes of transportation available at Walt Disney World today sometimes it’s easy to overlook one of them. One that should not be overlooked is definitely the WDW monorail. It is a very relaxing and unique way to be transported around the Magic Kingdom area or to Epcot. The Epcot route is a definite must. The circle around Spaceship Earth is so amazing and really preps you for a wonderful day at Epcot!

Monorail Epcot

4. Skipping the World Showcase

Epcot’s World Showcase is a real gem that is so sometimes overlooked when planning your WDW vacation. With everyone looking for the next thrill ride it’s hard to compete when there are none. What World Showcase does have however, is a one of a kind Disney experience that takes you around the world in less than a day. There are so many things to see and wonderful places to eat and so many hidden nooks and crannies that missing World Showcase would truly be regrettable.

3. Not Riding Outdoor Attractions At Night

Every Disney fan knows that Walt Disney World is 2 theme parks in one. One park during the day and a different park at night. The lighting is done so magically throughout each park that it becomes a whole different experience riding the outdoor attractions. One of my personal favorites is Splash Mountain. The best is when you round that corner near the top before you get to the first waterfall. The view is amazing. It truly feels like your in a completely different park. If for some unknown reason you don’t get a chance to ride any of the outdoor attractions at night be sure to add it to your list of must do’s for your next trip. You won’t regret it!

2. Not Experiencing “Walt Disney Presents”

“Walt Disney Presents” (formerly “One Man’s Dream”) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios should be on every Disney fans list of must do’s. It is such an amazing tribute to Walt Disney and his life. It really gives you an idea of his beginnings and how his dream came to fruition. Missing out on this wonderful exhibit would be something to regret for sure.

1. Missing Disney During A Major Holiday

No one does major holidays like Walt Disney World. Your vacation becomes a whole new experience depending on which holiday is around the corner. The decorations are amazing and extravagant, the characters costumes match the holiday, there are specific parades and nighttime shows to coincide. Not experiencing Walt Disney World during one of the many holidays would be regrettable. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to go during Halloween and Christmas. We had such an amazing time and now plan our trips around whichever holiday we want to experience

Just being at Walt Disney World is amazing by itself. There can really only be one true regret and thats if you don’t allow yourself to escape reality by letting out your inner child during the time you are there. This was one of the main inspirations for Walt Disney creating his own theme park in the first place. Let loose the cares of the world and create wonderful family memories to last a lifetime!

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