Disney Reveals More Adorable Photos & Video of Baby Hippo & Baby Gorilla

Credit: Disney

We previously shared the exciting news that Disney has shared DOUBLE the baby news! That’s right, on Monday, Disney celebrated the arrival of an adorable Nile hippopotamus calf. Then, just one day later, Disney announced the birth of a healthy western lowland gorilla! Now, Disney is taking us on a closer look at the two sweet babies as they make Disney’s Animal Kingdom their home. Check out the cute photos and video below!

Credit: Disney

Gorilla mom Azizi welcomed her infant backstage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Tuesday afternoon. She later introduced the baby to the entire family troop and had the chance to bond onstage at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. Azizi and the baby’s father Gino, are also the proud parents to the infant’s big brother Cory, who was born in 2014.

Credit: Disney

Meanwhile, the lovable hippopotamus calf made a splashy debut Monday in the Safi River on Kilimanjaro Safaris, joining nine other hippos in the family, or bloat. The calf is nuzzling with mom and moving through the water like a pro.

If those photos aren’t cute enough for you, check out this sweet video!

Both Azizi and Gino, parents to the newborn gorilla, and Tuma and Henry, parents to the adorable hippopotamus calf, were paired through the Species Survival Plan, a program overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The plan ensures responsible breeding of vulnerable or critically endangered species – including Nile hippopotamuses and western lowland gorillas – to help create healthy, genetically diverse populations for years to come.

Way to go to all the Disney Cast Members that take care of these beautiful animals each and every day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! We can’t wait to spot the baby hippo while on Kilimanjaro Safaris, and the baby gorilla on Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.

Source: DisneyParksBlog

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