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Shopping List

Shopping List – 44 ‘Must Haves’ For Your Trip To Disney

Have you ever been sick on vacation? Stomach flu? Cold Virus? There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling sick and not having easy access to some Pepto Bismol or NyQuil. This is just one of the things that a little preparation on the home front can keep your “vacation front” from being a possible nightmare or at least a big inconvenience. We’ve pulled together a list of items that you might want to buy/pack while still at home. Since airlines limit fluid amounts, you know the 3 containers of 3ml or less fluids, our list won’t contain stuff like bottled water… we’ll save that for Disney Shopping list Part 2. Have a look at these items and you might get an “oh yeah” I need to pack that for sure!


Over the counter drugs in both children’s and adult doses will have you prepared for whatever comes your way inside or out of the parks.

1. Pepto Bismol

2. Cold Medicine – Sudafed, Benadryl, cough medicine in capsule form

3. Analgesics< - ibuprofen, aspirin, Tylenol

4. Sleep aid

5. Vitamins

6. Imodium

7. Antibacterial hand wipes

8. Bandaids

9. Powder like Zeasorb

10. Sunblock stick – much easier to apply to your face and it won’t run into and burn eyes

11. Hair stuff – bobbie pins, hair elastics

12. Individual nail polish remover pads

13. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad – now you can stay miraculously cool and dry with this space-age product. Just wet it to activate the cooling and drying action.


Everything from your camera to your smart phone needs power and a few extras to keep them going. Don’t miss being able to take those once-in-a-lifetime photos because your iPhone is dead, or your camera’s SD card is full.

14. Mini USB Power Strip This is great for your hotel room allowing you to charge your devices for the parks while you’re in for the night.

15. “Lipstick Size” External Phone Battery Pack/Charger Don’t be caught in the parks with a dead phone.

16. Extra SD cards for your digital camera

17. Charging cords and plugs for phone and pda’s

18. Nightlight – helpful if you have kids

19. Extra battery pack for camera


These items may be in the “other” category but can be essentials when the occasion calls for them.

20. Rain ponchos – enough for each member of your party and one to cover the stroller

21. Individual packets of drink flavoring like Crystal Lite

22. Ziplock Bags (large) – pack a “go” bag with a small sampling of all the drugs mentioned above plus bandaids, powder and other personal care items. A separate bag can also hold snacks and a third a change of clothes for young children

23. Individually wrapped Kleenex

24. Water bottle


Once you get to Disney, visit a local grocery store for items you can stash in your hotel room.


Have a snack at the ready when in line for a ride. Keep a water bottle full of cool water at the ready when you need a sip. Breakfast on Yogurt and cereal bars a few mornings to save money.

25. Granola bars or cereal bars – you can save a bundle if you have a light breakfast of grocery store food

26. Individual yogurt containers

27. Plastic spoons

28. Individually wrapped snacks

29. Bottles of water and juice – not glass though, Disney security won’t allow glass to enter the parks

30. Sodas – small serving, twist top containers

31. Pretzels or crackers – in case someone gets queazy

32. Sandwich fixings if you want to bring sandwiches with you into the parks

33. Fruit

34. String Cheese – easy to store and good source of protein

35. Gum


Don’t get the sunburn of your life, scrape your knee and not have anything to put on it, try shaving in your hotel shower using trial size soap.,/p>

36. Sunblock

37. Neosporin

38. Benadryl cream

39. Hydrocortisone cream

40. Shaving cream

41. Body wash – buy a kids brand that’s tear free and the whole family can use it

42. Baby wipes – even if you don’t have kids/babies a baby wipe is a refreshing way to clean up in the parks

43. Small, fun shade of nail polish


44. Batteries for camera

NOTE: Keep your plastic bags from the grocery store to stash dirty clothes for your return trip. Wet bathing suits from Disney waterparks can also go into one of these bags when returning to your hotel. We hope this shopping list/article has given you a few tips about what you may want to have at-the-ready for your trip to Disney World! I’m sure you have a few non negotiables on your list too. Share them with us below in the “comments” area. Have a great trip!

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