Disney World for Dummies: Top 10 Ways to Keep From Screwing Up Your Vacation

A Walt Disney World vacation can be the most magical vacation ever, however if you don’t plan correctly it can also turn into a bit of a fiasco. There are plenty of things you can be spontaneous on but some things do require a little prep work to assure your vacation goes off without a hitch. Here are my top 10 ways to keep from screwing up your Walt Disney World vacation.

10. Bring proper shoes

One sure way to ruin any vacation, especially a Disney vacation, is to have sore feet or blisters on your feet. To prevent this, plan ahead and bring some comfy shoes that you know will hold up to the many miles of walking you will do throughout your WDW trip. Also, plan on taking breaks. If you happen to be staying on property, there’s nothing better than dropping by your room and kicking off your shoes for a short time. This really does help to ensure your feeties will hold up.

9. Prepare for rain

Orlando gets more annual rainfall than many cities across the states, even Seattle. For this reason, it is a good idea to prepare for rain when you are planning your WDW vacation no matter what time of year it is. If need be, most souvenir shops sell those wonderful bright yellow ponchos with Mickey on the back. These go with any outfit and are very stylish!

8. Prepare for sun

Florida isn’t nicknamed the sunshine state for nothing. With an average of over 200 days a year with some type of sun it can do a number on the eyes and cheeks from squinting. This is the reason why a pair of sunglasses is crucial. If you accidentally forget yours there are plenty of options available for purchase at your nearest Disney gift shop. If you’re looking for a higher end pair of sunglasses there are some other options located in the Downtown Disney area.

7. Plan a strategy for attractions

There are many different websites and apps that are available for Walt Disney World attraction wait times and closures; including the official WDW app which also allows you to reserve fast passes. These are vital to ensure you get the most out of your day and get to enjoy the attractions you really want to experience.

6. Keep up with events and crowd calendars

Walt Disney World is the most popular tourist destination in all the world. For this reason, it is very important to research which times of the year are the busiest and which are a little less busy when planning your vacation. There are also many different events throughout the year that draw some very big crowds, but are also very unique and must do’s for all Disney fans.

5. Bring enough camera memory for lots of pics

Even people who rarely ever take pictures end up snapping a few while at Walt Disney World. It is very important to have enough memory either on your phone, small point and shoot, or high tech fancy style camera to be able to get enough pics of your magical vacation.

4. Do plenty of research on the resort

If you have ever googled Walt Disney World, you come up with tons of hits for many different websites offering valuable information about WDW and vacation strategies (!!!). This can be a bit overwhelming so it’s always good to choose a few that you feel offer the best most up to date information that will ensure you have a close to flawless vacation to the “Most Magical Place on Earth”!

3. Make reservations for a particular restaurant early

Walt Disney World has some of the most one of a kind restaurants you’ll find anywhere. If you decide to try one or more on a WDW vacation it is very important to make reservations early. Also be sure to check and see if there is a cancellation fee for whichever one you choose.

2. Get the right tickets for your trip

There are many different options when it comes to tickets for Walt Disney World. You can either get a one day ticket for each individual park or do what’s most popular and get the park hopper option which allows you to “hop” from park to park with no additional fee. This option adds a little bit more to the total cost but is well worth it. Even with the best planning things happen and it’s nice to be able to go with plan b and go to another park.

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1. Let your inner child out

Walt Disney once said “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”. This is very apparent all around the WDW resort. At any given moment throughout the day you’ll see adults acting like kids in numerous ways. If it’s your first visit be sure to not leave your inner child at home or you might stand out a bit!

Having a plan and strategizing your Walt Disney World vacation will help make sure you get the most out of your trip. Unexpected things happen that you really can’t plan for so having a backup plan is always a good idea. Most of all have a good time, keep an open mind and immerse yourself in Disney: after all it is the “Most Magical Place on Earth”! Enjoy!

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