Disney World For Rookies: What To Know Before You Go

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3. Friends With Character 

One the best parts of a Disney trip is the character Meet and Greets. Meeting Disney characters is not like meeting your average mascot, far from it. All the characters, fur and face, behave exactly like you would imagine they would. Pluto is playful, Goofy is funny, and Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way.

The face characters naturally are the most interactive, but the fur (nonspeaking) characters are equally as charming. This writer strongly recommends visiting some characters for those who want the full Disney Parks experience. Getting a picture with Mickey is practically a rite of passage for any Disney fan, you won’t regret it.

2. A Little Something Extra

Cast Member

It goes without saying that for a Disney trip you will need some extra cash: money needed for souvenirs, tee shirts, food, et cetera. I’m speaking from experience when I say whatever amount you are thinking of bringing, double it.

There are park goers that pack their own lunches, buy small trinkets, and try to save any way they can, and that’s totally fine. However, there are some things you can only acquire at a Disney park, such as Dole-Whip, pins, and Mickey ears, just to name a few. You don’t have to break the bank on souvenirs or food to have a proper Disney experience, but you may want to take a little bit of the magic home.

1. Stay The Day

Castle Fireworks

From the opening ceremony to the night time fireworks, a visit to a Disney park is magic from start to finish. For first timers, The Magic Kingdom is an absolute must. Starting the day with the opening ceremony at the castle, closing the night off with the Wishes fireworks show, and all with a day of fun with Mickey and friends in between makes for a day of pure, uninterrupted euphoria.

For some Disney fans, it is a rare and joyous occasion to visit one of the parks. For all, it is where the happiest of memories are made. Enjoy the park, ride the rides, see the sights, meet the mouse, and of course stay for the fireworks.

Going to Disney for the first time is an extraordinary occasion for anyone. Every fan remembers the first time stepping on board the monorail, the first sight of the castle, or the first adrenaline rush of riding their favorite ride. A trip to the Disney parks soon becomes one’s most treasured memory, recalling the smells, the sounds, the laughter, and thrills that can only be created by Disney magic. Follow these tips, and your first trip to Disney will not only be a success but will also lighten your load in terms of coordinating. Bottom line: It’s Disney, live it up and enjoy. 

By Zach Gass

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