Disney World For Rookies: What To Know Before You Go

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So it’s your first time visiting a Disney park. You’ve seen pictures, you’ve heard stories from friends, and you’ve finally said: Ok, let's go. It's always exciting when someone visits the most magical place on earth for the first time. Walt Disney World is certainly worthy of the word magical. Whatever imaginings you may have about the parks, they are nothing compared to what awaits you. However, it takes a lot more than faith, trust, and pixie dust to take on the place where dreams come true. So before you strap on your mouse ears and charge through the gates, here are some things every newbie needs to know.

10. Beyond Expectations

For anyone who has never been to a Disney park before, whatever you think it will be like, I assure you it will be one-hundred and one times better. Right now, some of you may be picturing Disney World as a collection of amusement parks with Disney characters as the main theme. But it goes so much deeper. The amount of detail the Imagineers have put in The Magic Kingdom alone is enough to send one into sensory overload. Erase any preconceived notions about the rides, the shows, the food, and the attractions you may have because you are in for a grand adventure.

9. You Can’t Do It All

This tip is for anyone planning a short trip or planning to hit only one park. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to take in and experience it is practically impossible to do everything in one sitting. In my opinion, The Magic Kingdom alone cannot be fully experienced in less than two days. Manage your stay carefully and do not try to cram everything into one visit. Relax, take it in, enjoy it.

It’s your vacation, don’t blow through it, don’t rush, and don’t fret over extraneous amounts of planning. With parks the size of major cities, some things are bound to be missed. You may not see everything, but what you do see will be well worth the trip. Bonus Tip- Three words: Park. Hopper. Ticket.

8. The Rule of Three

Dumbo Ride

Jumping off my previous statement, you can’t do everything, but you can see what you want to see. A friend of mine who works at a travel agency shared with me this rule of thumb I’ve since adopted, pick three things. Pick three rides, attractions, or shows you want to do, do them first, do them early, and you’ll still have the rest of the afternoon and evening to enjoy the parks. If you only have a short time to stay, this is a golden rule. That way, you get to do what you want and no one is disappointed. After doing your three, you can be spontaneous and just float around the park, making each extra ride and attraction feel like an added bonus to your trip.

7. If The Shoe Fits

walking shoes

This tip is another essential for visiting any Disney park, all four parks are incredibly large and cover a wide amount of area. Unless you’re packing fairy wings or a magic carpet, you will be walking, and you will be walking a lot. On my last trip to the parks, my pedometer read 13.69 miles on the first day alone. A good pair of solid soled shoes is a must have for any Disney trip. Tennis-shoes, running shoes, or sneakers are recommended, but if you are sensitive to the heat, Chaco makes a solid sole sandal great for any hard terrain. Make sure they fit and that they are comfortable, as blisters can certainly take some of the charm out of the visit.

Bonus Tip- Be sure to sit down and take a breather every couple of hours, your legs will thank you.

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