Disney World Or Bust! 10 Budget-Friendly Tips That'll Help You Save Money At Disney World Resort

Disney Barbies

3. Set A One Souvenir Limit For Kids

The fact still remains though, that you will end up caving to a few purchases at the parks, and rightfully so! Some of the merchandise at Walt Disney World is just too adorable to resist. However, if we bought everything that our kids thought were cute we wouldn't have enough room in our suitcases to get back home! A rule that's extremely helpful for this exact situation, that my own parents enforced when we would take family vacations to Walt Disney World is the “One Souvenir Rule” this  is the idea that your kids get one souvenir each from the entire trip. You can let your kids know that throughout the trip they can think about what they want, and on the last day you can make the purchase. (Most items throughout the park can be found at the World Of Disney store in Disney Springs.) This will not only save money, it will also teach your kids to appreciate their one keepsake much more than if they'd been able to get every single thing that they wanted.

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