Disney World Vacation Tips That Make The Most Difference

Bring Back Magical Express

Let's Recap!

1. Know that the holidays are the worst (and best) time to visit - There’s nothing as beautiful and picturesque as the Magic Kingdom during Christmas time.

2. Disney’s Magical Express will take you without a reservation (but not your luggage) - On every trip, I always book bus transportation from the Orlando International Airport to my Disney World resort, however just like everybody, I forget to do it sometimes.

3. Visit during an off-season - If your kids are off school, use that as a sign that it’s probably not the best time to visit Disney World.

4. Peak seasons come with peak pricing! - It should come as no surprise that popular times to visit the theme parks are also going to have surge pricing.

5. Kids can’t ride everything - Even though it’s a theme park built around kids, remember that your children may not be tall enough to ride everything. 

6. It’s going to rain - It should go without saying that the weather in Florida is pretty unpredictable.

7. Wear comfortable shoes - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked around Disney World in flip flops and then consequently hated myself later on for my decision. 

8. You can get new Fastpasses after you’ve used up your others - If you use your last Fastpass at 5:00 p.m, for example., you can log on to the My Disney Experience app to see what other ones are currently available to grab. 

9. Use the My Disney Experience app - Do you want to check wait times on certain attractions?

10. Make dining reservations - I’ve been lucky in the past where I’ve been able to book a last minute dining reservation, but it’s not always a guarantee.

By Courtney D

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