Disney World Vacation Tips That Make The Most Difference

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You’re going to Disney World! Whether this is your first time or your hundredth time, it’s always good to have a couple tricks up your sleeve regarding how you can make the most out of your upcoming family vacation. Here are some important Disney World Vacation Tips That Make the Most Difference.

1. Know that the holidays are the worst (and best) time to visit

There’s nothing as beautiful and picturesque as the Magic Kingdom during Christmas time. The castle is shrouded in lights and the normal magic felt within Disney World is elevated to new heights. There’s nothing quite like it...and that’s why so many people visit during this time of year. If you want to enjoy the holiday season at the Disney Parks, you have to be prepared to have longer-than-normal wait times and that the Magic Kingdom often hits capacity. When I was there last year on Christmas Day, we stood for an hour just trying to walk through Fantasyland. While it’s magical in theory, the crowding can definitely put a hindrance on your day if you don’t plan accordingly.

2. Disney’s Magical Express will take you without a reservation (but not your luggage)

On every trip, I always book bus transportation from the Orlando International Airport to my Disney World resort, however just like everybody, I forget to do it sometimes. My husband and I were surprised that Disney’s Magical Express will take you to your resort without a reservation, however if you forget to book ahead of time, you need to pick up your luggage from baggage claim first. Forgetting your luggage is not the best way to get a good start on your vacation.

3. Visit during an off-season

If your kids are off school, use that as a sign that it’s probably not the best time to visit Disney World. The summer months, spring break and the holidays are the absolutely worst times to go simply due to the crowds. January and February are usually the best months to visit, as well as the first week in September that the kids are back at school. Don’t get me wrong, the parks are still very crowded, but it’s nothing as compared to a peak season.

4. Peak seasons come with peak pricing!

It should come as no surprise that popular times to visit the theme parks are also going to have surge pricing. This can add up quickly, and the amount you’d probably be spending in those extra surge pricing fees may ultimately be what you’d end up paying for a regular park hopper option during an off-season. If you’re looking for ways to economize on your upcoming Disney World vacation, definitely do some research on when the best (and cheapest) time to visit is.

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