Disneyland Just Preempted Walt Disney World With A Sensational New Dining Experience!

Jungle Cruise

There are a multitude of ways to spend money, at Disney parks. Some experiences come at such a high price tag that you may wonder who would possibly spend such a sum for the activity. That being said, Disney never ceases to surprise us with opportunities that are so magical, we find the means to afford the price. Disney World Doesn’t have the corner on the market of expensive activities for guests. Disney has announced an entirely new breakfast experience but for now, it’s only available at Disneyland!

Orlando Weekly writes: “You have plenty of crazy ways to waste your money here at Walt Disney World (most seem to include desserts for you to distract yourself from the crazy amounts of money you spent), but Disneyland might have just beat Orlando with the ‘wildest’ way to spend your money.

A new $300 breakfast will allow guests to dine on the famous African Veldt within the Jungle Cruise boat ride.

According to the website, listed on the menu is an “assortment of fresh pastries and scones, exotic fruit and chia parfait, eggs cooked to perfection, glazed pork belly bacon, pan-seared sausage and roasted golden potato-and-onion hash.”

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If $300 seems a bit high for a breakfast of bacon and eggs the experience also includes the opportunity to “drive” a Jungle Cruise boat and recite the famous spiel (I guess this the west coast option for those who enjoy experiencing low wage jobs).

Afterwards you’ll be welcomed into the “Fraternal League of Secret Skippers,” an honor that up to this point has only been available to actual Jungle Cruise skippers. At the end of the experience guests will also be given a tribal mask inspired by the ones displayed on the famous boat ride.

Admission to the park is not included and the breakfast is only offered on select days.”

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