Disney's MagicBands 101 - What You Need to Know


Let's Recap!

10. They are Personalized for Each Family Member

Just so you don’t confuse MagicBands between members of your party, each MagicBand can personalized to fit your personality and interests! You and your family members can select the color of your band, and you can even add extras like MagicBandits featuring your favorite Disney characters, stickers, and more! MagicBand straps are also adjustable, so those with larger or smaller wrists can wear them securely. MagicBands are also available in child sizes. Just pick your color and your extras and you are ready to go!

9. They Cannot Be Traded

MagicBands are unique to you, which means you cannot trade bands with others. This is where personalizing your band or choosing a different color than other family members can come in handy. When you initially use your device, it will ask for your fingerprint just to confirm that you are who you say you are. You will not be able to access the parks while wearing someone else’s MagicBand due to fingerprint verification.

8. They Are Complimentary for Disney Resort Guests

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort, your MagicBands are mailed to you as one of the perks of staying on-site. Before your trip, your MagicBands are shipped to your address. If you are using Disney’s Magical Express to get to your resort from the airport, make sure you have them in your travel bag or on your person to access the bus. Otherwise, your MagicBands can be picked up at the front desk of your resort. If you aren’t staying on-site, MagicBands can be purchased at or at most shops at Walt Disney World.

7. They Serve as Your Room Key

Forget the days of carrying around and worrying about losing a physical key or key card! Guests staying on-property can just tap the Mickey part of their MagicBand to their resort room and gain access easily. But don’t worry, others with MagicBands will not be able to access your room; just you and those staying in your room.

6. They Are Your Ticket to the Parks

Remember in recent years when you had to present physical park tickets that you may have worried about misplacing? Not anymore! With a MagicBand, your tickets for each park are stored in the device, which makes entry to the parks much easier! Just match the Mickey on your band to the Mickey on the park gate and you are good to go! You will have to scan your fingerprint, so remember which hand and which finger you used for easy access.

5. They’re Waterproof

If you have concerns about losing your MagicBand, you can keep it on your wrist at all times - even in the shower or the pool! MagicBands are waterproof, which means you really can have your information on you 24/7.

4. They Store Your FastPass+

Have you always worried about losing your FastPass+ slips? With MagicBands, your FastPasses+ are in one conveninent place! The devices sync up with the My Disney Experience app, which means you can add a FastPass+ with ease and have it sent straight to your MagicBand. When you arrive at the queue, use your band to access the FastPass+ line when instructed by the cast member. Just make sure you still make your reservations on time and comply with cast member requests.

3. They Can Store Credit Card Information

For even more convenience, link your credit card up with your MagicBand to make easy purchases on Disney property! This is especially convenient for shopping days at Disney Springs when you don’t want to haul your purse or wallet around. Be aware that only guests staying on-site can access this feature and it can be set up so you or certain party members have access to the credit card information on their devices.

2. Losing One Isn’t the End of the World

I know what you may be thinking. What happens if this bracelet containing my park tickets, room key, and credit card goes missing? Will my information be stolen? Don’t fret. Simply go to any guest services counter on property and work with the cast member to deactivate your old device and import the information to a new one. Besides, your band is personalized, so someone else who finds your band will not be able to access your information.
1. They Can be Used for Future Trips

If you have a personalized band that you love and don’t want to replace, or you don’t want to go through ordering new ones for your next Disney vacation, don’t worry! All bands that are still active on your My Disney Experience app can be reused time and time again. Of course, you are always welcome to get a new band for your upcoming trip!
MagicBands are innovative, unique, and fun, which makes them a perfect accessory and handy device for your upcoming Walt Disney World trip! If you ever have questions or concerns about your MagicBand during your vacation, be sure to see a guest services cast member for more information.

By Emily

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