Do You Have These 6 Budget-Friendly Collectibles From Walt Disney World?

Pressed Pennies

A Disney vacation has come to be synonymous with spending lots of money. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to be true. For instance, the following souvenir collectibles are some of the most affordable, while still packing plenty of memory-preserving punch.

6. Tsum-Tsums – Have you become as addicted as I have to the tsum-tsum game app? Those cuddly characters get me every time! Well, the miniature plush versions at Disney World could be just as addictive. However, at just $5 each, you can afford to collect a small army of those cute little things over time. And with new versions coming out online each month, you can feed your addiction throughout the year. Can we say “stocking stuffers”?

5. Pins – Pin collecting has become one of the most popular Disney hobbies. With hundreds – maybe thousands – of different pin varieties available, it’s a collection that will never be deemed complete. Pin collecting is fun on so many levels! Every visit you could pick out a pin that commemorates a favorite park, ride, character, event, movie, or season. Plus, pin trading creates an element of camaraderie with other Disney-lovers that adds enjoyment to your visit. With prices as low as $8, it’s not too much change for a special high-quality souvenir. And the best part is pins are pretty timeless – you’ll wear out clothes, kids will outgrow toys, and figurines will just catch dust – but pins have the potential to last, and even be passed down to the next Disney generation.

4. Popcorn Buckets – The popcorn bucket collecting craze began a while ago, and Disney continues to put out new additions that up the adorable factor. Popcorn bucket collecting is especially big in Japan with exclusive buckets coming out at Tokyo Disney all the time. But there are lots of great buckets in Walt Disney World too! Who wouldn’t love a popcorn bucket shaped like Dumbo, Cinderella’s Carriage, or a Tie-Fighter? In my opinion, the ones available for the Christmas party are possibly some of the cutest, and there’s a new version every year. The buckets will run you around $12 give or take and come filled with popcorn, of course. Using them for movie-night at home will bring you fond memories of your Disney vacation.

3. Ornaments – There’s nothing like Christmas to make you feel nostalgic. Why not add a few Disney World ornaments to your holiday decor? Each year when you unpack them, you’ll be reminded of your vacations. Christmas ornaments are sold throughout the parks year-round, and they travel home so well. Prices range widely based on the intricacies of the designs, but you can certainly get an adorable keepsake without breaking the bank. Some can even be personalized with names and years.

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2. Sorcerer Cards – Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive game that takes you on adventures around the park using special collectible cards. The game in itself is great, but collecting the cards can be more than half the fun. There are 70 main cards available, in various levels of rarity. Plus, every year at the Halloween and Christmas parties there are special new cards added. Here’s the best part – the cards are absolutely FREE! Each time you enter the Magic Kingdom you’re entitled to a package of 5 randomly selected Sorcerer cards. Join an online trading group and the fun continues even while you’re at home! Or if you don’t plan on gathering an entire set, have characters autograph their cards and frame them together for a low-cost, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

1. Pressed Pennies – Pressed penny collecting is a cheap and fun way to commemorate your Disney trips. With machines scattered literally all over the resort, finding the perfect penny can be time-consuming but oh-so-satisfying. Watch for machines near your favorite rides, inside shops, within hotels, at train stops, and more. Pressed pennies will cost you a whopping $.51, and because they’re perhaps the tiniest of the collectibles you can afford to bring home several each time you visit. Be sure to splurge on a folding display case as well to keep all your penny mementos safe.

There are six of the best options to keep costs low while collecting Disney World memorabilia. What budget-friendly collections have you started?

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