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Don't Wanna Go Home Exhausted From Your Disney Vacation - Here's How

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Everyone deserves a vacation to rest, relax and return to regular life feeling rejuvenated.  Unfortunately, there are those of us who prefer to use our precious vacation tie at Disney World, and while a disney vacation is fun, it is anything but relaxing. Still there are ways to do Disney during your vacation days without completely wearing your body out.   If you do it right, you might even be able to return home feeling rested rather than exhausted beyond belief.  Here are our top tips for doing just that.

Prepare Your Body

You'll want to begin taking steps (literally and figuratively) toward a less exhausting vacation before you ever leave home- and possibly before you ever book.  You see, a body that is acclimated to lots of waling is less likely to revolt when you walk for miles and miles at Disney World.  therefore we highly recommend preparing your body by going on daily walks, slowly increasing the length of your walks until walking a couple miles at a time is no biggie.

Stay On-site

When planning your trip, you will want to stay onsite if at all possible. Not only does staying in a Disney hotel keep you on that magical Disney bubble, it also gives you more time to rest.  This is because getting to and from the parks won't take as long, meaning
  1. you can return to the hotel for a nap in the middle of the day
  2. you won't have to wake as early to get to the parks in the mornings, and
  3. you'll get back to your room earlier in the evening so you can get into bed at a reasonable time

Pick and Choose

Doing everything at Disney World in one trip is pretty much impossible.  If anything, we think it's best to skip that whole idea and be much more selective about what you do there. Deciding on a few key must-do attractions and knowing in advan e that you won't see it all will help you pace yourself, making the experience less stressful and less tiring.

Plan Routes Wisely

In addition to choosing only the most important attractions to you, you'll also want to play your routes to those attractions wisely. someone who goes in without a plan can easily do a lot of backtracking throughout a day that becomes extremely exhausting. By planning your route going in, you can make sure you sere everything on your list with as little wasted walking as possible.

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