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Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth, especially at the Magic Kingdom! Your experience can be a little less magical when you don’t take the right steps to get in and out safely and efficiently. Here are some of our tips for ensuring that you enter and exit Magic Kingdom with ease to ensure you have a magical vacation!

1. Getting In – Be Ready for Bag Check

One of the reasons why the lines to get into Magic Kingdom take so long is because guests are not  prepared for the bag check security checkpoint. Fumbling through your bag, then have the security cast members do the same thing can hold up the line for other behind you. It’s important to have your bag ready to go. Open all compartments and make sure you comply with any additional security requests.

2. Getting Out – Try the Monorail

Leaving the park after fireworks can be hectic, which means transportation can be crowded and traffic can be backed up for a while. If you’re staying at a Magic Kingdom area resort, try using the Monorail to get back to your resort. The ride is often quicker and usually isn’t as crowded as the buses are. Plus, the Monorail moves fast, so you’ll be back in your comfortable resort bed in no time!

3. Getting In – Understand What is Not Permitted in the Park

Another reason why some guests leave the park angry or security lines take longer is because these guests may not understand what they can and cannot bring into the park. Items that can be stored in your bag like selfie sticks, tripods, weapons of any kind, alcoholic beverages, drones or other remote-controlled devices, glass containers, wrapped gifts, and any animals other than service animals are not permitted. Larger items like wagons, scooters, skateboards, folding chairs, and strollers that are larger than 36” x 52” (92 x 132 cm) are also prohibited. As for bags themselves, large park bags like suitcases, backpacks, or coolers will not be allowed inside the park if they exceed the 24″ (61 cm) long x 15″ (38 cm) wide x 18″ (46 cm) high size limit. Understanding what you can or cannot bring to the park before heading out for the day can save you and hundreds of other guests from a lot of trouble later on.

4. Getting Out – Exit Before, During, or Well After Fireworks

The nightly fireworks spectacular at Magic Kingdom typically signals the end of the park day. This means many guests will swarm toward Main Street to exit. Crowds can be a bit much, and transportation and traffic can be a hassle. Try leaving the park well before the fireworks, during the show, or even a little while after. This is especially helpful if you’ve already seen the fireworks and want to get a jump start on some relaxation back at your resort. If you plan on staying after, note that fireworks typically start around 9:15 p.m. on a typical day. The park stays open until 11 or midnight. You can catch the show, enjoy the park for a little while afterwards, and beat the bulk of the crowds.

5. Getting In – Make Sure You Have Everything You Need With You

Besides your MagicBands, wallets, cell phones, cameras, ponchos, sunscreen, and other park essentials, you will want to check and make sure you have what you need before entering the park (or before leaving your resort room). If something essential was forgotten, it can be a hassle to exit, then re-enter the park, especially during peak seasons when crowds are larger. Double check that you have everything you will need for the day to ensure you can enjoy the park without having to leave early.

6. Getting Out – Try Boat Transportation

If you don’t want to deal with crowded buses and traffic, head back to your resort via a scenic and relaxing ferry ride. This is a great option for getting to the park as well if you are staying at a Magic Kingdom area resort. Ferries typically run every 15-30 minutes. If you plan on leaving before the park before fireworks, you may even be able to catch some of the show on your ride!

7. Getting In – Enter the Park Early With a Dining Reservation

If you were able to get an early breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace, Be Our Guest, or Cinderella’s Royal Table, you are permitted to enter the park a little earlier than other guests. This way, you can explore the park when it’s quieter, take some great photos, and relax before you eat and start your magical day.

8. Getting Out – Purchase Souvenirs and Shop Before Leaving

There’s nothing more annoying than carrying around toys, bags of clothes, or other keepsakes during your day at Magic Kingdom. To avoid having your hands constantly full, try saving your shopping for the end of the day. There are plenty of shops on Main Street, head there before you exit the park. Then you won’t have to walk as far with your goodies.

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9. Getting In – Arrive for Rope Drop

The early bird gets the worm! In this case, the early bird gets to enjoy more of the park without large crowds! Set an early alarm, head to the park, enjoy the daily welcome show, and explore before it gets too crowded.

Getting to and from the Magic Kingdom isn’t a hassle when you plan accordingly and know what to do. What are some of your tips for entering and leaving one of the parks?

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