Have You Heard These 10 Amazing Facts About The Seas In Epcot’s Future World?

The Seas Epcot

An often-overlooked attraction at Epcot is the SeaBase that is part of The Seas With Nemo and Friends in Future World. Many guests ride the attraction, visit the gift shop and then move on. On your next trip, take time to visit the aquarium and exhibits here. It will be well worth your time! Here are 10 Amazing Facts about The Seas In Epcot’s Future World.

1) It’s So Big! – SeaBase is one of the largest man-made oceans in the world! The Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium holds 5.7 million gallons of water and is home to over 4,000 sea creatures, representing over 60 species. On the second floor is a circular, window-lined observation deck, where you will find yourself almost completely surrounded by marine life. The window panels measure 8 feet by 24 feet and weigh 9,000 pounds each.  They range in thickness from 6 to 8 inches. The Aquarium is so large that Spaceship Earth would fit inside, with room to spare!

2) Go Under the Sea! – Disney has created an artificial Caribbean coral reef at The Seas. Coral reefs are so rich in life that scientists call them the “rainforests of the sea.” Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean floor but are home to 25% of all ocean species! Take a peek at where many of our underwater friends live.

3) Feeding Time – You will see dolphins, sea turtles, angelfish, rays, sharks and more. Catch the fish feedings at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM, when a Cast Member will describe the marine life you see before you. If you’re lucky, you might even see diver Mickey Mouse!

4) What’s On the Menu? – Nearly two tons of food is produced each week for the inhabitants of the Seas. The dolphins dine on herring and capelin; the West Indian manatees eat lettuce, carrots, sprouts and fruit. Animal nutritionists at The Seas manufacture the coral out of dental plaster, mixing in ground fish and other food in the process. Divers place about a dozen of these out each day, and the parrotfish and other coral crunchers eat them up.


5) Friends, not Food! – You can see live sharks at SeaBase. See the white spotted bamboo shark and other species of sharks, ranging in size from 8 inches to over 40 feet! All of the sharks at The Seas are fed very early in the morning before the lights in the main exhibit are turned on for the day. A single bright light is shined, serving as a cue for the animals to swim towards the surface in one particular location of the exhibit. Here, they are fed through the use of long tongs. This training serves as a safe way for our animal care team to deliver food to the sharks—without the sharks associating their feed time with divers in the water!

6) Righteous Dude! – The green sea turtles enjoy a veggie diet, consuming about 20 pounds of romaine, green leaf and red leaf lettuce and cabbage each day. They eat so much seagrass in the wild that their fat turns green! Meanwhile, loggerhead turtles are carnivores, so their daily diet includes 1 pound of squid and 2 pounds of herring—plus a specially formulated sea turtle vitamin!

7) Swim With Dolphins – You can actually swim with dolphins at SeaBase, by taking the Dolphins In Depth Tour. Dolphins are highly intelligent animals whose interaction with Guests is voluntary; they are never forced to participate. Fortunately, dolphins are also extremely social and generally friendly, so while interaction isn’t guaranteed, it is likely.

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8) Keeping Things Clean – The aquarium uses a reverse-flow filtration system.  This process forces impurities in the water to the top, where they flow out with skimmed water.  The water is fed into the filter system, and then returns to the main environment through the ocean floor.  Between these two points is an extensive cleaning system.

9) It’s Interactive! – Explore a variety of interactive exhibits that illuminate life in the deep blue sea. Visit a special manatee rehabilitation center. Learn cutting-edge information about dolphin communication, and hear presentations from marine mammal researchers. You can even pose for a picture with Bruce the shark, from Finding Nemo.

Background Music – The background music playing outside the pavilion is the original Epcot music. Songs include: “The Seas” Music by Patrick Gleason, “Atlas of the Living World” Music by Richard Bellis, “Suited for the Sea” Music by Ralph Ferrara, “Nitrogen Boogie” Music by George Wilkins Lyrics by Scott Hennesy Vocals by B.J. Ward.

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