Here’s Why Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew at Disney Springs is Irresistible

One of the newest snack stops in Disney Springs, Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew has made a big impression on Disney-goers. It’s an excellent place to stop in for a sweet breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. After all, who can say no to delicious coffee and a yummy donut? Of course, with popularity comes crowds, and with crowds come long lines. While the lines for Everglazed are not as long as the lines for Gideon’s Bakehouse, they can still get pretty lengthy at certain times of day, so you will want to go in prepared to wait your turn. Fortunately, the donuts are totally worth the wait and you won’t be disappointed. Here are the top reasons we love this place and know you will too.

1. Clean Colorful Decor

The decor at Everglazed is colorful and fun. It has a fresh and fun feel to it that may just work in tandem with your sugary, caffeinated breakfast to help you wake up and feel alive in the morning. We love the clean look of the place, and feel the designers did a fantastic job of making it fun while keeping it simple.

2. Bulk Discounts

There’s no denying the fact that the donuts and coffee at Everglazed are expensive. As is the case with most snacks at Disney, these donuts definitely charge a hefty “vacation tax”, and you’re sure to notice this as soon as you glance at the menu. Fortunately, there are ways to save a little bit of money. The first discount option comes into play when you purchase 6 donuts; doing this saves you $3 off the total price. Meanwhile, those who choose to buy a full dozen will save $6. If you plan to have Everglazed more than once, it would be a good idea to buy all of your donuts together to save money and time spent waiting in line.

3. Annual Passholder Discounts

Another way to save at Everglazed is with your Disney Annual Pass. Annual Passholders save 10% on their purchase, and this discount can be stacked with the half-dozen and dozen deals mentioned above, saving you even more dough (pun intended).

4. Fresh Donuts

The donuts served at Everglazed are made fresh every day. Not only that, they’re also made throughout the day. This ensures the donuts are always fresh when you buy them. It also helps keep the cases stocked, helping keep customers as happy as possible.

Credit: Everglazed Twitter

5. Interesting Flavors

The most important thing people look for in a donut is that it’s fresh and delicious. Everglazed has that covered, as we mentioned above. They also have another important thing covered: flavor choices. This shop has much more than your typical donut flavors. Here you’ll find interesting and unique options—such as their vegan-friendly Purple Glazed Ube donut and their sweet-tooth-pleasing Fruity Pebbles donut—and every single one is absolutely incredible.

Credit: Everglazed Twitter

6. Rotating Options

In addition to a standing collection of “classic” flavors, Everglazed also has a rotating selection of yummy donut choices. These change from one day to the next, keeping things different and interesting and giving us all reason to visit multiple times, even knowing that it prevents us from using that time- and money-saving trick of getting all our donuts in one fell swoop.

7. Donut Sandwiches

As if donuts couldn’t get any more interesting, Everglazed takes them to another level by making them into sandwiches. All of the sandwiches served here come on a sweet bun. However, for only $1 more, you can swap that bun for a donut, creating the most delicious sandwich you’ll ever eat. Whether you choose the simple grilled cheese option or something more complex (like the “Funky Chicken” or the “B&G Burger”) your tastebuds are in for a treat.

Credit: Everglazed Twitter

8. Yummy Fries

Want fries with your sandwich? No worries! Everglazed has those too, and they know how to do them right. Their spicy fries are topped with Buffalo seasoning, scallions, and spicy mayo. Meanwhile, the loaded fries come with chili, queso, bacon, scallions, tomato, cilantro, and sour cream. What more could you possibly ask for?

Credit: Everglazed Twitter

9. Coffee Drinks

Of course, every donut needs coffee to wash it down. Fortunately, Everglazed has lots of coffee options, meaning you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes. Their cold brew and drip coffee are both awesome, and are totally great if simple beverages are your thing. Those who want something a bit fancier however might enjoy one of the blended spiked coffees, a flavored “Cold Brew Classic” drink, or one of the many “Donut Shop Toppers” that include a flavored cold brew and a donut that matches.

Credit: Everglazed Twitter

10. Cereal Milk

Finally, we must mention the cereal milk. Cereal milk has actually been a thing for quite some time now, and is exactly what you’d think: milk that’s had cereal steeped in and strained out of it, bypassing the whole “eating the cereal first” process. It’s cold, sweet, and delicious, and exactly the kind of thing a kid or non-coffee drinker might want in lieu of coffee to enjoy as they munch on a donut.

Obviously, Everglazed is an excellent addition to the Disney Springs lineup and one that is well worth visiting. Why not pay the place a visit on your next trip so you can see for yourself just how yummy it is?

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