Hidden Hauntings - 10 Things You Might Have Missed on the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

5. Shall We Dance

While we’re in the ballroom, let's have a look at those waltzing couples. Any Disney historian or magic aficionado will tell you how the illusion is created by an old magicians trick called Pepper’s Ghost, an illusion created by using a mirror and glass. However, some riders, even the most seasoned Disney fans, often miss one thing. When the attraction was built, the Imagineers relied on Pepper’s Ghost for many of the projections in this scene. But when they were crafting the dancers they over looked one detail, the mirror. Because the projections of the ghosts are created using a large mirror, the projection is actually a reflected image. The physical figures of the dancers naturally have the men lead the women in the dance, but because the projection is a reflected image, the final result shows the women leading the men. This happy accident may not be visible on one’s first ride through, but it can be clearly seen if one pays close attention to the dancing dead.

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