Hidden Hauntings - 10 Things You Might Have Missed on the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

4. Music From Regions Beyond

 One last ballroom mention before we dearly depart. In the farthest corner of the ballroom, right past the waltzing ghost sits a large pipe organ where a well-dressed ghost plays out the famous Phantom Waltz, an eerie image and definitely an icon of the manor. This next tidbit did not reach my eyes till my second trip through the parks. Upon first glance of the organ, one can see ghostly vapors coming out of the pipes. Spooky right? But upon further inspection, one can see that these ghostly vapors are actually small shrieking skulls rising from the pipes. This detail, I must confess, did not reach my eyes until my second trip to The Magic Kingdom. Much like the Hidden Mickey in this scene, they can be hidden through misdirection. One may be too focused on the other happy haunts to catch wind of these tiny terrors.

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

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