How Disney Parks May Change As A Result Of Current Viral Crisis

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Hello Disney Fans!  We here at Disney Fanatic trust you are well and safe weathering this crisis at home.  We also give a big shout out to all medical professionals who are on the front lines treating the sick!  God bless you!  Also, those of you involved in supply chain industries that are keeping our grocery stores stocked, packages delivered, power plants operational and streaming services running - THANK YOU! 

Yesterday, I began to think how our world will change as a result of this current crisis.  Social distancing, quarantines, stores devoid of toilet paper... it's all very foreign, mildly upsetting and isolating.  I then began thinking of places where I felt at home and Disney World immediately came to mind.  How will Disney answer the necessity of cleanliness and social distancing which are difficult enough to achieve in every-day-life, but so much harder to attain in a busy theme park?  I began to consider how Disney might operate in a post-quarantine world.   If anyone is up to the challenge of keeping guests safe while providing a magical experience, it's Disney!  Here are some areas where Disney may choose to redouble their sanitation efforts in the future:

Attention to Detail

Mr Smee

Hidden Mickey's, intricate designs everywhere you look, pristine landscaping, smells of vanilla and sugar cones along Main  St. USA, Disney excels at paying attention to every little detail.  They have a penchant for going above and beyond all expectations when dispensing their particular brand of magic,  An attribute which makes me wonder why we don't have a senate seat for Mickey Mouse to help our federal government run more smoothly.  That being said, I have to believe Disney is way ahead of my thinking about how to keep their parks as sanitary as possible to ensure the health of their guests. They'll more than likely think of areas I can't even imagine to address sanitation concerns!


Monorail Epcot

Monorails, ferry boats, Skyliner gondolas, parking trams, busses - Disney transportation is sure to get a continual sanitation overhaul in the coming weeks/months. We all know Disney keeps their transportation units prodigiously clean but now they may employ new efforts to sanitize all throughout the day.  Handles we tough when exiting parking trams, poles we hold onto in the monorail, potentially germ-ridden surfaces abound on Disney transportation.  They'll need to address these modes of transportation which have a great propensity to spread germs even before guests enter the parks.

Park Entry Kiosks

MagicBand Entrance

After disembarking Disney transportation, guests head to the park entry kiosks where MagicBands and fingerprints are scanned.  Just think of how many fingers have been pressed on those scanners.  Now think of where those fingers may have been... GROSS!  I imagine Disney will employ more sanitation measures at park entry kiosks to ensure this isn't a germ warfare zone.  Perhaps an occasional spray of alcohol on fingerprint scanners or a special UV scanner bulb to help kill germs... I'm no expert but I'll bet my last farthing they'll be addressing this area.  They may actually have an anti-microbial mechanism built into the fingerprint scanners.  If they do, they will probably post this information to help reassure guests.

Sanitizer and Hand Wash Stations

I always grab a dollop of sanitizer every time I pass one of these dispensers around Disney.  In the past they've been few and far between but in the weeks leading up to the "shelter at home" edict, Disney guests reported seeing many more of these sanitizing stations throughout the parks and resorts. I believe these additions are here to stay.

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