How Disney World May Be Different After Quarantine

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Unless you’ve been on vacation in a faraway galaxy over the past month or so, you’ve no doubt been keeping up to date with the viral crisis that has changed daily life for everyone around the world. It may not have come as a surprise that Disney World closed its doors in response to the pandemic, but what might surprise you is how life at the resort may change when it eventually reopens.

9. Decline In Guest Attendance

Though many Disney World Fanatics around the world are eager for things to get back to normal, it’s likely that there are just as many who will feel reluctant to visit the resort as soon as it’s open again for business. Now more than ever, people will be putting their health and that of their families first, and visiting a theme park resort will still be a risk, regardless of the countless measures that will be put in place.

8. Heavily Restricted Capacity

Even if a natural decline in guest attendance is inevitable, so are capacity restrictions. You can almost guarantee that this will be one of Disney World’s first approaches in its return to some form of normality. A staggered reopening might be the best way to go about things. Perhaps then, for the foreseeable future at least, only a certain amount of people will be allowed into the resort.

7. Less Cast Members

Sadly, Disney World has had to furlough many of its Cast Members. Until a time where reemployment is necessary, the resort may have to operate at bare minimum staffing levels. While this will probably be proportionate to the number of guests allowed in, though, it’s an absence that will still be felt. Nevertheless, each Cast Member should be applauded for their bravery during these times.

6. Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing is currently in effect all over the world, but don’t expect to see this lifted by the time Disney World reopens. Some version of the ‘two-meter rule’ will undoubtedly still be in place, as will the prevention of particularly large crowds – a truly epic challenge for any theme park resort. We’ve no idea as to how this will take shape, but one thing’s for sure – the likes of queuing and large events will never be the same again.

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