How to Do Walt Disney World And Not Return Home Exhausted

Let's Recap!

1. Stop Worrying About Money - This is the number one tip for a reason—because it seriously makes all the difference. 

2. Make a Plan - Intentional planning can go a long way in helping you to relax as well.

3. Don’t Over-Plan - However, even the best laid plans get thwarted by the occasional ride shut down, weather delay, or unexpected long wait time. 

4. Afternoon Rest - Many groups with young children or older seniors simply cannot go from park opening to park closing without getting physically and emotionally drained.

5. Budget for Snacks - Disney World has some of the funnest snacks! And a quick snack break could be just what your crew needs to rest and reset for more fun. 

6. Take a Pool or Beach Day - Even the best, most relaxed day at the Disney parks can still be physically tiring simply because there’s a lot of walking involved. 

7. Smile - It sounds simple, but…don’t forget to smile! Your positive attitude is life-giving for yourself and your whole crew (especially kids).

By Melissa

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