How to Prepare for Your Disney Trip – 10 Things You Must Remember

Preparing for your Disney trip is always fun and exciting, but can also be stressful when thinking about all the different ways you need to be ready before you go. You have to think about meals, tickets, reservations, plans for every day. To help make it easier, here is a list of ten things you should remember when preparing for your Disney Trip.

v10. Create your packing list

One thing to help you prepare for your Disney trip is to make a packing list! You can make this weeks or even months in advance, and keep adding to it as you think of more things you want to bring with you. This will help make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything essential and you can edit the list as you need to before you go as well.

9. Refill Prescriptions

Do you have allergy medications? An inhaler? Diabetes meds? Consider everyone in your party who is tagging along on the trip and what their health is like. Refill any prescriptions you think you will need, and even those you think you won’t need to help you prepare for your vacation. It is always much better to have too much than too little in this case.

8. Make your grocery order

Preparing for your Disney trip includes thinking about what you will eat! You can eat all of your meals and snacks at the parks and around the resorts, but that can be costly. You are able to bring your own food into the parks, so consider ordering groceries to your room. If you would like to do this, you will need to prepare by making a grocery list and placing your order. Consider the minimum balance needed for delivery, place your order, and then forget about it! They will magically appear in your room so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

7. Bring electronics and their chargers

Now a days, it would be hard to find someone without some sort of device attached to them, whether it be a cell phone, iPod, or something else. We carry these things with us everywhere we go, and Disney is no exception! Therefore, to prepare for your Disney trip, make sure you have all of the batteries and chargers necessary for your devices. There are charging stations located throughout the parks and resorts, however plugging in your devices in your room overnight is the way to go.

6. Break in those walking shoes

A lot of walking gets done in Disney, and I mean a LOT. One of the best ways to prepare for your trip is to break in your walking shoes. This will help your feet not only get used to your shoes, but you will have plenty of time to make sure that you remain comfortable in them as well. Taking a walk every day will also help build up the stamina you will need for walking miles every day in the parks.

5. Make Advance Dining Reservations

You can start making your reservations 180 days from your arrival in the parks and it is highly recommended that you do so! Many restaurants are hard to get in to and often times you will find that the best times to eat are already taken if you wait too long. Do yourself a favor and plan out some of your favorite restaurants and book them as soon as you see an opening!

4. Reserve your Fast passes

Much like with Advance Dining Reservations, you will want to book your fast passes as soon as you are able to as well. You are allowed to choose them starting 60 days out from your trip if you are staying on property and 30 days out if you are staying off property. This is going to give you the opportunity to do your favorite attractions with little to no wait and give you the chance to decide as a family what attractions are a priority.

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3. Magical Express Reservation

The Magical Express is the complimentary Disney transportation between the airport in Orlando and the Disney resorts. To reserve a spot for you on this transportation, you will call the Magical Express line and provide them your flight number along with your arrival and departure time for both flights. They will also mail you luggage tags and if you choose to use them, you do not have to wait for your luggage at the airport but rather the Magical Express will take them straight to your resort room.

2. Online check in

Doing the online check in is great for when you want to bypass a longer line at the resort. It allows you to make your room requests such as if you prefer to be on the ground floor or what type of view you wish to have. These are never guaranteed, but they will try to accommodate as best as they can. You can start this process up to 60 days prior to your arrival date. All you will need is a credit card to have on file, your name and your guests’ names, your address and when you plan to arrive. That’s it!

1. Prepare for the Disney universe!

This step is the most crucial of all because this is the time where you have an excuse to watch all of your favorite Disney movies (as if you needed an excuse!) and get ready to be immersed in the Disney universe. Brush up on your most beloved songs and come up with great questions to ask the characters when you meet them! It’s easy to be star struck for when you meet Cinderella for the first time, but come up with questions and make references to the movies when you speak to them. In addition to doing that, now is the time to plan out your outfits for each park and what you plan on doing each day while you are there. This is likely to be the most fun you will have while planning so get it started and enjoy the journey as much as you will enjoy your vacation! It makes the magic last even longer!

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