How to Visit Walt Disney World and Not Gain a Pound

4. Make the Most out of Exercising

Luckily, Disney Resort Hotel Guests can rely on Fitness Centers to keep the pounds off, as well as other activities and recreations, from basketball courts to jogging paths and more. But don’t overdo it – you’re on vacation! On the flip side, if a rigorous workout means you can later feast on a pizza like a starved hyena, then embrace that inner-scavenger.

However, if you happen to be staying outside the resort, then make the most out of walking in the parks. If you’re serious about keeping the pounds off, avoid relying entirely on Disney Transportation such as the Friendship Boats. But remember – as you’re going to be out in the sun and the heat a lot, stay hydrated, stay protected and wear comfortable footwear.

5. Keep Alcohol to a Minimum

You probably already hate this tip from the title, and the fact that it’s number one. After all, if enjoying an alcoholic beverage or more is your thing, who’s to judge? But you probably already know that alcohol is one of the most calorific luxuries there is, as well as being a great way to dehydrate yourself in the heat.

Whether you choose to enjoy a few drinks or not, be sure to stay well-drenched on the inside during your trip. Not only will this stop you from getting sick, drinking lots of water is also a good way to lose weight. Of course, you might not wish to lose any – and a Disney vacation sure isn’t the best time to start - but if you are planning on some indulgence, it might at least help bring balance to the Force.

While you might not wish to turn into a pumpkin on your vacation, you must also remember to eat sensibly and not forego any meals. You’ll need plenty of energy, especially at such a sun-baked resort. If you walk plenty, eat in moderation and make the odd sacrifice here and there, then the chances are you won’t be going home feeling like Baymax.

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