How to Visit Walt Disney World and Not Gain a Pound

Let's Recap!

1. Keep Treats to a Minimum - Okay, perhaps a spoonful of sugar is too little considering you’re in Walt Disney World Resort of all places, but it’s still a good starting point. 

2. Research Healthy Dining Options - “Be prepared!”… Yes, The Lion King’s Scar said it best.

3. Take Healthy Snacks into the Parks - One of the best things about visiting Walt Disney World Resort is that you can take in your own snacks.

4. Make the Most out of Exercising - Luckily, Disney Resort Hotel Guests can rely on Fitness Centers to keep the pounds off, as well as other activities and recreations, from basketball courts to jogging paths and more. 

5. Keep Alcohol to a Minimum - You probably already hate this tip from the title, and the fact that it’s number one. After all, if enjoying an alcoholic beverage or more is your thing, who’s to judge?

By Daniel

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