How to Visit Walt Disney World and Not Gain a Pound

Leaving Walt Disney World Resort is bad enough without the added worry of having acquired a bit of extra weight from overindulging. On one hand, you’re on vacation, so why not relax and treat yourself? On the other hand, having more than a spoonful of sugar in the form of a treat might mean having to do some hard work when you get home – which is no fun.

The challenge of visiting the resort and not putting on weight is far from easy, though, especially with a whole world of sweet and savory treats on offer. But being strict needn’t spoil your vacation - check out these five useful tips on how to avoid being tempted to discreetly hop on the luggage scales at the airport after your trip!

1. Keep Treats to a Minimum

Okay, perhaps a spoonful of sugar is too little considering you’re in Walt Disney World Resort of all places, but it’s still a good starting point. While it’s tricky to know the nutritional information of all the food available throughout the resort, your eyes, coupled with a dose of common sense, are usually pretty good judges.

By all means, enjoy those much-needed sugar rushes, or a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner – just try to maintain a balance. For example, if you really want that dessert, then make sure you earn it by eating a low-calorie meal, or vice versa. Junk food might seem like it’s one of the bare necessities of your trip, but just make sure that those healthy Mother Nature’s recipes prevail!

2. Research Healthy Dining Options

“Be prepared!”… Yes, The Lion King’s Scar said it best. He was of course referring to high treason, but nevertheless, being food-prepared ahead of your trip will help enormously. And if you’re looking to maintain your current weight, there’s no use turning up at the resort without any knowledge of what food there is. It’s, ahem, a recipe for disaster…

There are plenty of healthy Disney Dining Plans at the resort, and knowing where the healthy food is can help you plan a lot better. The My Disney Experience mobile app’s GPS-enabled map and the new Get Directions function are priceless. You can even browse restaurant menus, make dining reservations and place mobile orders. This app has all the ingredients!

3. Take Healthy Snacks into the Parks

One of the best things about visiting Walt Disney World Resort is that you can take in your own snacks. Not only will this save you money and time, it will also put you in control of what you eat. Take in some fruit, a healthy sandwich or a salad and perhaps even a modest sugary treat so that you aren’t tempted by everything else around you.

Naturally there are limits on what you can take into the parks (you aren’t allowed to take in any food that needs heating etc.) – so use your common sense. And above all, don’t carry too many snacks - especially of the unhealthy kind – or you’ll only end up transferring all that weight from your bag to your belly!

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