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Lies People Believe About Magic Kingdom

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Let's Recap!

1. “It’s only for kids.” - Though Magic Kingdom is appropriate for kids and even babies, there are plenty of things for older kids and adults to do as well.  

2. “It’s overcrowded.” - As the world’s most popular theme park, there is a tiny grain of truth in this statement. Lots of fun brings lots of people! 

3. “It’s too expensive.” -The recent ticket price increase has Disney-goers weeping, for sure. But when it comes to prices, Disney is actually very competitive in the theme park market. 

4. “It’s outdated.” - Magic Kingdom opened its gates on October 1, 1971, with attractions that included cutting edge technology for its time. Today many of those same attractions still exist at the Magic Kingdom, which can give the impression to some that the Magic Kingdom is outdated.

By Melissa

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