Must-Do’s BEFORE Arriving To Walt Disney World

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There has always been a list of things to do before visiting Walt Disney World, but since the resort’s reopening, that list has, to no surprise, gotten slightly bigger. Gone are the days when all you had to worry about was whether you’d packed enough clothes or remembered your phone charger!

Those things are still all important, though, but naturally, COVID-19-related must-do’s have taken priority. But don’t worry – we’re going to help you keep track of all the things you really can’t afford to forget. So, here’s a list of what you might consider to be the new ‘bare necessities’…


 8. Purchase Extra Face Masks

Since day one of reopening, face masks have been mandatory while in the resort at any time. With the exception of eating and drinking times and when taking outdoor photos, you’ll be required to wear one all day long, which is why it’s good idea to equip yourself and your loved ones with reserves.

However, while face masks are available at the likes of Disney Springs, you must purchase your masks before arriving at the resort, otherwise you’ll be refused entry. But if you wish to wear one that’s adorned with Disney characters – and who can blame you – then has plenty!

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7. Make Your Dining Reservations

You won’t be surprised to learn that some big changes have been made at restaurants and other eateries throughout Walt Disney World too. For starters – no pun intended – there’s limited seating due to the likes of social distancing and so on.

But the implementation of social distancing means that getting a seat is now even trickier, so you might want to consider making reservations once you’ve fleshed out your itinerary. You can make reservations up to 60 days in advance, so if you want our advice, be our guest!

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6. Download My Disney Experience

Given everything that’s going on, it’s always best to be as equipped as possible. And with the My Disney Experience mobile app, you’ll have all the Disney magic you need at your fingertips. Browse restaurant menus, make reservations or mobile orders for quick service, and use a GPS-enabled map to navigate.

However, like many other things, there are some modifications, in that you won’t be able to get times and locations for things such as events or Character Greetings – simply because these things are currently unavailable. It’s sad, for sure, but there are plenty of other experiences and attractions available to keep you happy!

My Disney Experience

5. Purchase Hand Sanitizer

We would never encourage someone to buy more hand sanitizer than they need, because it could mean many other people going without. After all, there are plenty of hand sanitizer stations located throughout the resort, so that you can stay as germ-free as possible during your trip.

With that said, it is a good idea to carry some with you in the event you need to clean your hands when there simply isn’t a sanitizer station quite close enough. Not only that, you’ll be able to safeguard yourself while protecting others before even arriving at the resort. Just make sure you carry some hand moisturizer too…

Hand Sanitizer

4. Be Aware Of COVID-19 Rules

Walt Disney World has adopted several safety measures to protect its guests, and during your time at the resort, you won’t need to look far to see just how visible these are. Instructions can be seen everywhere, as can hand sanitizer stations and face masks and so on (especially face masks – because everyone is wearing them!).

Keep yourself in the know before you go by visiting the official Walt Disney World website, to understand exactly how the resort will keep you safe during your time there. You can also learn what’s required of you so that you can return the same level of risk-minimization and consideration for employees and other guests.

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3. Know What’s Open & What’s Closed

Since reopening, some attractions, eateries, events and experiences have remained closed for safety purposes, so it’s a good idea to find out exactly what those are before booking your trip. Can you imagine skipping merrily all the way to your favorite ride only to find out it’s shut?! Trust us – it’s heart-breaking.

The official Walt Disney World website is the one and only place to go for this information, as it’s updated regularly. While visiting during such a time means you won’t get the full Disney experience, at least the resort is a little quieter for it, so other attractions might be more accessible than usual. Yes, we’re all about silver linings!

Beauty and The Beast Live On Stage

2. Create An Itinerary

Once you’re all clued up on the safety procedures and what’s available, you should probably start putting together an itinerary. Doing such a thing is a must when visiting somewhere as insanely big as Walt Disney World, but now, an itinerary carries a whole bunch of other benefits too.

Having a plan can help minimize that overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do first. But with certain attractions currently closed, this should make your itinerary a little easier too. Let’s face it – you’ll have plenty to worry about during your visit, so don’t make your adventure itself one of them!

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1. Make Sure You Aren’t Sick

The reason this one’s at the top of the list is because it goes without saying. Whether it’s a common cold or something a little more feverish, it’s never a good idea to visit a place where there are lots of people. And as you know, nowadays, that can be a potentially catastrophic thing to do.

Sure, we don’t always know when we’re sick, but we can exercise vigilance where any potential symptoms are concerned. And while all guests undergo heat-checks upon entry at the resort, you can always check for a fever yourself before arriving, by purchasing an inexpensive thermometer. When thinking of must-do’s before visiting the resort, it’s always good to ask yourself, ‘What would Scar do?’ Well, he’d ‘be prepared’, that’s for sure! So check out the official Walt Disney World website for up-to-date information on the viral crisis and availability on attractions and more.

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