Nightmarish Scenarios You’ll Want to Avoid on Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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Visiting Walt Disney World Resort is a dream come true. The downside, though, is that the “happiest place on Earth” is, well… on Earth! This means that it’s not immune to the many problems and nightmare scenarios that lurk in the outside world, some of which you’ll come to learn about in this article.

If you want your trip to be problem-free and if you wish to forget about your worries and your strife, it’s time to once again echo those infamous words immortalized by Scar himself; “Be prepared”! But while many things are unavoidable, don’t worry - these five nightmarish scenarios are.

1. Sickness Bugs

Yes – they’re everywhere… But what the hit movie Inside Out didn’t show you was the squillions of bacteria that live on a person. Unfortunately, with swarms of people pouring in and out of Walt Disney World Resort every single day, you only need to do some basic math to realize how vulnerable you are to bugs – and not the friendly kind like Flik.

The common cold – and sometimes even the flu too - can be somewhat managed with over-the-counter meds, so be sure to pack accordingly. As for a soul-destroying stomach virus on the other hand, not so much. So how do you avoid such a crippling ailment? To minimize the risk of infection, carry hand sanitizer at all times and wash your hands thoroughly. You don't want a 2319 on your hands!

2. Really Bad Weather

Another thing you can’t control is the weather. You can prepare, sure, but it’s always about as accurate as those countless end-of-the-world predictions that have been and gone. The good thing about Florida is that you’re at least guaranteed it’s going to be warm. That, and probably lots of rain from time to time too (which might just be the sky sweating from all that heat).

If you’re expecting endless rays of sunshine, then you’ll do well to avoid the storm season (early June through late November). So you can always “be prepared” for bad weather, but no matter how many Disney Princesses there are with nature-influencing abilities (Elsa, Moana – the list goes on), there’s very little you can do. So, you know… let it go.

3. Getting Ripped Off

There are some really unpleasant characters out there, who make even the likes of Scar, Jafar and Gaston seem rather warm and wonderful! To avoid these counterfeit ticket-selling villains, make sure you purchase your tickets in advance and through the likes of an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (like Mickey Travels), your travel agent or the official Disney website.

Always take your time to make sure you’re booking through a trusted and reputable source, following a little bit of care and research. If the offer seems far too good to be true, it probably is! The last thing you’ll want is to turn up at the gates and not only be refused entry, but to have to scrape together the money to buy a legitimate ticket.

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