19 No No’s at Disney World – How to Mind Your Manners at the Parks

19 No No's At Disney World
19 No No's At Disney World

Earn your good citizen award when visiting Disney. Below are a few tips on how to have a happy and safe visit to Disney World.

1. Signage Obey signs that read “Do Not Enter” or “Cast Members Only.”

2. Rides Stay seated on rides and do not get off until directed to do so.

3. Lines Stay in line and wait your turn. Butting in line can get you escorted out of the parks.

4. Gum Do not spit your gum on the sidewalk. You may notice that no gum is sold in any of the stores at Disney, this is by design.

5. Balloons That balloon on your stroller may hit guests in the face. Tie it down low so it doesn’t bob about.

6. Litter Bug Use the trash cans. Don’t litter.

7. Road Block If you stop to text, read a map or whatever, keep walking or move over to the side allowing others to pass.

8. In The Dark When lights go down in a ride or attraction, remember that somebody is usually watching on an infrared camera. No bad behavior please.

9. Back Pack Bullies Big backpacks can be a nuisance to others. Be careful backing up or turning around that you don’t bump into somebody.

10. Slow Down Walk, don’t run in the parks.

11. Keep The Glass At Home No glass is allowed into the parks, with the exception of baby food jars.

12. No Horseplay “Horsing around” can hurt a bystander. Have fun but be mindful of others.

13. Diaper Duty Change dirty diapers in the Baby Care Centers only, and dispose of the diaper properly.

14. Potty Breaks Take little kids to the restrooms for potty breaks. You won’t believe the number of parents who allow jr. to relieve himself in the bushes.

15. Height Limits If your child is under the height limit, don’t complain to Cast Members. Check before you wait in line.

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16. Shoulder Stop When watching a street performance or parade, a kid on dad’s shoulders keeps kids NOT on shoulders from seeing at all. Please be considerate and move to the back, please.

17. Flashing Faux Pas No flashing the cameras by pulling your shirt up or whatever on the rides. This can get you kicked out of the parks.

18. Stroller Parking Only park strollers in designated stroller parking areas.

19. Stroller Steady Navigate your stroller carefully through the park to make sure you don’t run anyone down.

Yes, ma’m; no, ma’m; thank you, and please should be spoken at every opportunity. Kindness counts. Follow these rules and you’ll have a wonderful time on your visit to Disney World.

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