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Official ‘Bluey’ LEGO Project Enters Development Phase

Lego Bluey
Credit: Inside the Magic

Since gracing our screens and capturing our hearts, Bluey has been around the world and back again. She’s had a stage show, a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, and now Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the Heeler clan are set to enter the world of LEGO.

Explorers episode of Bluey

Credit: Ludo Studios

It’s truly an accomplishment when a piece of pop culture like Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and even Dungeons and Dragons becomes immortalized in brick form. Given the Australian show’s worldwide popularity, it’s a wonder Bluey didn’t make the transition sooner. With a recent announcement from LEGO Ideas, fans might soon be able to purchase their own little piece(s) of the beloved cartoon dog.

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At the time of writing, LEGO builder Monkey Scout’s pitch for a complete Bluey-themed set is on the rise. After reaching over 100 supporters within the first day of submission, it’s safe to say that builders and Bluey buffs alike will soon be able to put the Heeler House together in a vibrant, easter-egg-filled set.

Building Bluey

Colorful toy characters from the show Bluey are arranged on a light blue background with various accessories like a pizza cart, toys, and musical instruments. Text at the top says

Credit: LEGO Ideas

LEGO’s Ideas project is a platform where builders around the world can submit their own concepts and ideas with a chance to have them made into full, official LEGO sets. Although some LEGO aficionados might consider Bluey and Bingo more worthy of the company’s more toddler-friendly Duplo brand, the vision set forth by Monkey Scout is everything the fanbase could expect from a well-designed set.

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From the photos featured on the set’s official Ideas page, the Heeler house not only comes with brilliantly blocky builds of Bluey, Bingo, and beyond, but the set also includes bits and pieces that reference many of the show’s beloved episodes. There’s a magic xylophone, a pair of gnomes, Chattermax, a red balloon for Keepy Uppy, and even a Unicorse puppet for Bandit. As delightful as the concept is, we might still have to wait a long while before things come together.

How Long?!

Bandit, Bluey, and Bingo in Dad Baby

Credit: Ludo Studio

It’s not enough for a potential Build Master to have a good (and marketable) idea, no matter how popular the concept might be. The journey from LEGO Idea to a fully realized set can take a very long time, sometimes even years.

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LEGO’s official submission guidelines make the following statement,

“The journey of becoming a LEGO Fan designer is incredibly challenging and requires a unique brick-built concept, solid planning, a boatload of determination, as well as a healthy amount of patience.”
“It can take up to several years, and you will have to work hard to build awareness of your project until it gains the necessary 10,000 supporters. But, oh, the fame and fantastic sense of achievement that awaits you if your idea goes all the way!”
Two animated characters from Bluey in colorful outfits inside a building, one excitedly throwing hands up and the other smiling with arms raised.

Credit: Ludo Studio

At the time of writing, the project only has the bare minimum of 100 supporters. However, given what we know about Bluey’s very vocal fanbase, it might be safe to say that we’ll get a full set sooner rather than later.
The current concept might still be far from the required 10,000 supporters, but it’s only a matter of time before more supporters push for the set to be made. With fans of all ages spanning around the world, Bluey will be bricked up in no time.
Inside the Magic reached out to the creator for further comment, but received no response at the time of publishing.
Would you build a Bluey LEGO set? Let us know in the comments down below!

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