Palo Signature Dining Aboard Disney Cruise Ships - Why You'll Love It!


For those who have already been on a Disney Cruise or those who are looking to plan a future excursion, you most likely know by now that the same comforts and amenities that are yours when you stay on location at a Walt Disney World property are carried over for your at-sea endeavors as well. This includes Disney’s phenomenal food scene, with all its diverse offerings in cuisine choices, overall engaging experiences, and distinctive dining categories that range from very casual to more upscale and refined. Topping the list for the latter is Palo—a signature dining experience like no other. As the crème de la crème of fine dining offered aboard all four fleets of the Disney Cruise Line the reasons for why we love Palo are seemingly innumerable. Here are just 10 of those tantalizing reasons why you will love it too!

1. Exclusive to adults

The magic of Disney Cruising is not specifically limited to families with children. And for adults who are looking to steal away for moments that are free of the kid-like camaraderie happening all around, Disney Cruise Lines offer a whole host of adult-exclusive venues and activities to indulge in. Palo Signature Dining is one such experience reserved exclusively for guests 18 years of age and older to attend. It’s a way to unwind in an intimate, lavish setting free of noise, for a quiet evening of palate-pampering and exquisite food beyond compare.

2. Featured on all four vessels

The Palo Signature Dining experience is offered on all four Disney Cruise Line ships, making this enticing option available to all adult passengers regardless of which cruise they are sailing on. In each instance, Palo is located on every ship’s uppermost decks devoted to dining. You will find Palo on Decks 10 of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder and on Decks 12 for the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  

3. Italian theme and ambiance

If you are familiar with the Italian language or Italy in general, then you may already know that the word “palo” refers to those long distinctive poles used by gondoliers to glide their boats along through the legendary canal routes of Venice. So it’s no surprise to learn that Palo’s enticing menu offerings and overall ambiance in general celebrate an Italian theme, honoring the fact that Disney’s first two ships started construction in Italy. While each ship’s Palo restaurant design follows its own unique entity in slightly different décor and style, they all share the same Italian flare that’s part old-world classical and part modern and fresh. Each ship’s Palo features signature overhead lamps designed to look like marble, sophisticated Venetian glass, elegant wall panels, and so much more. Your dining pleasure is further accented by the live accompaniment of onsite musicians.

4. Views beyond compare

Due to its elevated top deck positioning aboard Disney Cruise Line ships, dining at Palo also comes with some of the best scenic views sailing has to offer. The restaurant’s unique semicircular design structure and floor-to-ceiling window features provide unparalleled surrounding ocean views from nearly every vantage point within the restaurant’s walls. So food with a view is not only the norm here, but it is in fact part of the overall charm, garnishing each happy dining party with a complimentary side offering of breathtaking beauty right at their table in most cases. Also take note that aboard both the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, guests have the opportunity to dine al fresco on the private outdoor teak deck, making the views and overall immersive at-sea experience even more alluring.

5. Impeccable service and standards

While all Disney dining locations both at sea as well as in the various parks offer high-quality services and meet top-notch standards, it cannot be denied that the cast members making up the staff at all of Disney’s Palo locations are the very best of the best. To work at Palo, one must be specifically handpicked, having moved up in the game from other previous roles aboard Disney Cruise Lines. And while dining at Palo, you will notice that the entire team is comprised of just a couple of cast members at that, making your one-on-one experience feel more friendly and personalized. Your server, and other staff you come in contact with throughout your overall experience, is always courteous, engaging, and presents a well-versed working knowledge and familiarity with the menu and all of its highlights. He or she will even offer stellar recommendations, explain anything you need a little help in understanding, and cater to your complete comfort throughout the meal. Always professional without the typical snobbishness that’s all too common in other refined fancy non-Disney restaurants, the staff at Palo far exceeds expectations at each and every level imaginable.

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