Photos: Mom & Baby Grey Kangaroos Arrive in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We love spotting new animals around Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Grey kangaroos are among the newest animals to call this Disney Park home, and among the new group are a new mom and baby. Disney recently shared photos of the pair on Discovery Island on the Disney Animals, Science, and Environment Facebook page, and they are the cutest!

Kangaroos, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Animal Kingdom was previously home to both grey and red kangaroos, and now after some shuffling around the grey kangaroos are back! Guests can visit them when they enter the park before making their way to either side of the Tree of Life by exploring the Discovery Island Trails.

The new group of kangaroos, known as a “mob,” include mom and baby duo Buckeye and mom, Millie. Buckwheat and Millie were moved to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park as part of the Species Survival Plan program that is managed by the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums, of which Animal Kingdom is accredited.)

Kangaroos, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

The Species Survival Plan helps AZA-accredited institutions practice responsible breeding programs for endangered species so populations can grow, and so Guests from around the world can be educated on these incredible animals and learn ways they can support conservation efforts. In the case of the new grey kangaroos in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Species Survival Plan will allow Cast Members to learn more about this unique species while working to maintain top-notch healthcare for them and continuing to help their numbers while keeping them genetically diverse.

Along with grey and red kangaroos, the Discovery Island Trail is home to animals like storks, flamingos, Asian Small-Clawed Otters, tortoises, macaws, lemurs, porcupines, and vultures, so be sure to take the time to walk the trails and see some of these amazing animals on your way into the theme park. Discovery Island is also home to winged encounters, where you can learn more about macaws in a presentation with a Disney Cast Member.

To see more animals around the park, take a Kilimanjaro Safari on the Harambe Wildlife Reserve or walk the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail in Africa, head to the Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia, or take the Wildlife Express Train up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch to find Conservation Station, where you may encounter live veterinary visits with animals from around the park.

Red Kangaroos at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Red Kangaroos, Credit: Disney

Animals like the kangaroos and other species of wildlife living in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are also supported in the wild through the work of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. The fund allocates money to nonprofit organizations around the world that work directly with supporting endangered species. And, it’s easy to support the Disney Conservation Fund while visiting the park- Simply make a donation in any amount (it can be whatever amount you like, or as simple as rounding up your change) at any merchandise or quick service food and beverage location. Disney will cover all of the fund’s overhead costs and match all donations, so you can be sure your donation will help animals in need!

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