Pin Trading at Disney World – 5 Amazing Facts about this Sensational Collectible

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Pin Trading

Pin Trading at the Disney Parks is a fun hobby, and a great way to interact with Cast Members and even other guests. Here are some facts to help you understand the pin trading craze.

5. Disney Pin Trading began during the Millennium Celebration in October 1999, and remains popular with both adults and children. Officially endorsed by Disney, guests are encouraged to collect and trade their pins during their visits to the parks. Pin prices start around $7.00 and can be purchased throughout the parks and Downtown Disney. Disney often releases “special edition” pins at events throughout the year.

4. So how do I begin? Starter kits are available at most gift shops around Disney World. Each starter set comes with a neck lanyard and 3-5 pins. Many of these starter sets are themed, such as Disney princesses, Toy Story characters or a pirate theme. You can also purchase each item separately. All you need is a lanyard and 2-3 pins, and you’re ready to start trading!

3. Look for a cast member (Disney employee) wearing a lanyard and pins. These cast members usually carry 12-15 pins. Walk up to them and ask nicely if you can look at their pins. If and when you find one you like, point (without actually touching) to the one you want. Remember though, you must be willing to let go of one of your pins! If you have one you really want to keep, make that clear up front. Proper pin trading etiquette is to trade only one pin per cast member.

2. There are several categories of Disney pins. You will find pins themed around the Disney characters, the resort hotels, rides and attractions, retro Disney, and even the Disney Cruise Line. Disney pins are always changing and the number of pins available is almost innumerable!

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1. If you’re like me, maybe you’d rather just pin “collect”. While I have traded a few pins here and there over the years, I just enjoy collecting 2-3 pins per trip. I’ve watched my collection grow to almost 100 pins! A couple of fun ways to display your pins are either on a cork board, or in a shadow box. I also like to display other items around my pins, such as old park tickets or theme park maps. Check Pinterest for other amazing ideas!

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