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5 Reasons Why Disney Is The Perfect Place To Take A Teenager

As I titled this article, I am pretty sure I heard Darth Vader’s theme song in my head. Planning a vacation that a teenager would like is as easy as trying to get a great seat last minute at a Magic Kingdom parade. If you have a teenager, then you know what I mean. Even with that difficult task ahead, Disney is the perfect place to take a teenager, and here are the reasons why.

5. Variety

No matter what the mood is of your teenager, there is sure to be something at Disney to make them happy. Let them be a part in deciding what resort to pick, or where to eat. Most teenagers want a voice in making decisions and if they are reluctant to visit Disney anyway, why not let them make a few choices on shows to catch or rides to enjoy on a certain day.

4. Recreation

If you have an active teen who doesn’t like downtime, make sure to show them all the activities they can do outside of the parks. There is everything from putt-putt golf to championship golf courses. They have swimming pools with music and pool parties to keep them having fun in the sun or they could visit the Disney waterparks too. They could even try their luck at catching a few fish out of one of the lakes at certain resorts. Disney is so much more than the parks and rides, your teen will love the time out of the parks as much as time spent in them.

3. A little Freedom

Now I realize all parents may not be ready for this, but if you can find just a little time to give your teenager at the parks, I am sure it will lead to many happy smiles. The rule at Disney is that you need to be 14 years or older to go to the park alone, so if your teenager meets this requirement and feels comfortable with navigating the park, why not let them visit the park of their choice, on their own terms for just a little bit. With Disney buses running on a regular schedule and the Magic Bands with all the Fast pass and charging privileges (per parent permission), you can keep track of them easily.

2. Downtown Disney

This is sure to be a stop for you and your teenage son or daughter, in fact, probably more than one stop. There is shopping here for everyone, even those who hate to shop. Marketplace Co-Op, TrenD and D-Street are shops you can only find at Disney. When they are done shopping, don’t forget to visit DisneyQuest or Spiltsville for some games and family fun. You can even catch a Cirque show too.

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1. Rides

If you have a thrill seeking teenager, Disney has enough adrenaline filled rides to keep them happy and coming back for more. They have Expedition Everest and Rock-n Roller coaster for the super brave. Space Mountain, Test Track and Splash Mountain for the ones who want fast, but not too fast, and then everything else in between. Every park at Disney has a ride that will fit in with your teenagers “need for speed”, no matter what that speed may be.

We loved traveling to Disney with the teenagers in our family. Now that there is the My Disney Experience app, it makes planning and changing plans even easier, so when their mood changes, so can your Fast pass choices. Teenagers love a great Disney trip as much as anyone.

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