10 BIG Decisions You Must Make When Planning Your Walt Disney World Trip

Castle Money

2. Budget

When setting a budget for Disney, it would be nice to say, “the sky’s the limit” as if we could pay off the credit card with pixie dust. But here in the real world there are bills that need to be paid with actual money when we get home. For most people, park tickets are the first priority in the budget since that’s the main reason for the trip. A four (or more) day ticket is the best value, and it will allow you enough time to experience all of the parks. If you set aside money in the budget for the tickets you want first, then it might be easier to make decisions on where to skimp and where to splurge. Don’t worry - a family trip to Disney doesn’t have to break the bank. Setting aside $3000 for a family of four will allow you a pretty amazing trip! Check out our budgeting articles and consult with an authorized Disney travel planner for more detailed information.

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