10 Killer Tips For Budgeting and Planning Your Disney Trip

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10. Always Do your Research

Just like any other vacation, you HAVE to research your trip. You need to know everything from the route you’re taking to Orlando to what the weather will be like during your trip. Walt Disney World takes a lot of budgeting and planning, even if you’ve been 24 times. You should be researching from the beginning to the end of your planning process. It is incredibly important to know what you want to do and what you DON’T want to do before you go, because let’s face it, Walt Disney World is expensive, and none of us are made of money. Always calculate how much tickets, hotels, food, souvenirs, and other expenses will be before you go; and it’s always good to overestimate, because if you don’t actually spend as much as planned on necessities, you’ll have a little extra spending money in the park to pick up that special souvenir you’ve always wanted!

So, the next time you go to Disney, look back at these insider tips and tricks before you start planning. They will help you save money on your next Disney trip and give you more time to experience the magic with your loved ones!

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