10 Killer Tips For Budgeting and Planning Your Disney Trip

Castle Money

3. Save your change in empty 2-litre bottles!

My younger sister recently discovered that if you fill an entire empty 2-litre Pepsi bottle with dimes, it totals up to about $700. After we found this out, we didn’t stop at just dimes- we have a bottle for dimes, pennies, and nickels, and a gallon-sized bag for quarters. Every time we find change at the house or on the street, we put them into their respective bottles. My sister has been devotedly doing this for about two months now, and she has each bottle filled up about 1/3 of the way. This money is completely dedicated to our Disney fund, and once all the bottles are full, the money will be put towards tickets, hotels, and souvenirs! Not only is this a great way to save, but it makes the younger kids get really involved and learn how to save up for something they want- and when they know they’ve contributed, the trip will be that much sweeter.

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