10 Misconceptions About Walt Disney World

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10. Planning too much takes the fun out of a trip.

So you like to “wing it”, do you? Disney is making it a bit harder to do that. I can understand the idea that deciding what you want to ride in 6 months might be frustrating. As I said in misconception #9, I think that pre-planning is worth it if it means you get to experience your favorite attractions and dining locations with little to no wait. Planning also allows you to know when to arrive at the parks to avoid long waits and helps you waste less time standing around looking at a park map or times guide. There’s a lot of good to be said for thoroughly planning your trip.

As far as planning taking the fun out of the trip, I disagree. Admittedly, I am a planner by nature and love having an itinerary. Whether you enjoy planning by nature or not, I think you can make planning a very fun part of the trip process. Doing a bit of research and planning a few times a week leading up to your trip will not only help you be more prepared and waste less time figuring things out when you are there, but it can also be great fun. You can include your family members and talk about the things you may see and do and where you might eat. Advance planning can help build anticipation, which can be a big part of the fun.

What misconceptions have you heard about Disney World? Do you agree with our list? Do you try to talk people out of their misconceptions? Let us know!

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