10 Misconceptions About Walt Disney World

Castle _ disney world _ splurge

6. A Disney vacation is completely unaffordable.

There’s no doubt that a vacation can be expensive- any vacation. Airfare, gas, tolls, rental cars, food, lodging, and entertainment- it adds up. If a vacation is not affordable for you at the moment, don’t take one. But if you are considering a vacation, Disney is not necessarily any more expensive than any other comparable trip that you might price out.

Based on simple math, is $99 more than $70? Yes. However, The $29 additional dollars you pay to get into Disney is easily justifiable by the marked increase in food quality and choices, the level of service received, the family atmosphere, and the quality and quantity of not just rides, but entertainment options. In addition, consider that FastPass+, though not an unlimited or perfect system, allows you to ride popular attractions with little wait for free. Universal charges $35-$60 in addition to park admission for their Express Pass option, and Six Flags charges $45-$110 to use their Flash Pass system. This leads me to my next misconception…

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