10 Most Expensive Weeks To Visit Walt Disney World

10 Most Expensive Weeks

When you plan your vacation to Walt Disney World, it pays to be mindful of the week you choose to travel – quite literally. Choosing the most optimal time of the year to go to Disney World can save a knowledgeable Disney fanatic hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars. Even still, Disney’s costliest weeks tend to coincide with times when schools are on break, which can make travel daunting for the economy-minded family. Are vacationers doomed to find nothing but high prices, high crowds, and high temperatures whenever traveling to Disney? Perhaps not, but knowing when not to travel is a big part of the puzzle. Here are the most expensive weeks to visit Walt Disney World:

1. Marathon Week

It’s really more like Marathon half-week, but the resort costs during this time can come as quite a surprise to Disney travelers expecting to find bargains after the holiday season has ended. Generally speaking that’s true, as this week is sandwiched by two of the least costly weeks to travel to Disney World. But the long-striding crowds drawn by the marathon ensure that this week stands out as one of the more expensive weeks to travel to the resort.

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