10 Things Worth The Extra Money At Walt Disney World and Some That Aren't

Water Bottle

3. Save Your Money: Buying Water

With all the walking you’ll be doing around the parks, you’ll need to drink plenty of water; however, this can become very expensive if you’re buying multiple water bottles every day. This is why I would recommend bringing in your own refillable water bottles and filling it up in fountains around the park. Water is incredibly important, but it’s also expensive if you’re constantly spending extra money on water bottles. It’s not worth it to be buying over and over again, but it’s definitely worth it to bring in a water bottle.

4. Save Your Money: Disney Dining Plan

Unless you can score the free dining promotional, the Dining Plan may not be for you. It's a great way to not have to keep track of your meals costs but this doesn't work for everyone. The dining plans are expensive and may require you to make meal choices ahead of time. If you have younger children who only eat two chicken fingers, a dining plan could add unnecessary cost to your trip. As always, we suggest talking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, like Mickey Travels to help you decide what works best for YOUR family! Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to vacation! Families trying to stick to a budget might find it very hard to do at Disney. There are certain things that you can spend money on to enhance your visit but you might consider the other areas where you can save a few dollars. It’s very important to do as much research as you can before you go!

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