19 Impressive Facts About Cinderella’s Castle At Disney World

Building in Florida just got more difficult for Disney


6. What's It Made Of?

Again, Disney ingenuity fools the eye to believe the castle is made of marble; however, it is made of steel and concrete. Six hundred tons of steel braced frame construction make up the inner structure and is encircled by a ten inch reinforced concrete wall. All of this is on a concrete drilled caisson foundation. Despite the appearance of bricks, none were used in the construction.

7. Exterior

Most of the exterior is a very hard fiber-reinforced gypsum plaster supported by metal studs. There is much less fiberglass used than is commonly thought. Fiberglass was used for the more ornate exterior walls of the upper towers. Roofs are made of the same type of plastic that computer monitor shells are made from. Towers were raised by crane, welded and bolted permanently in place.

8. Myth Or Fact?

It is a popular legend that in hurricane force winds, the castle can be disassembled and moved to safety. As most legends go, this is total myth. It was easier to build the castle to withstand 110 mile an hour winds with more strength to spare.

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