10 Discontinued Walt Disney World Rides

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There are some of us who have been frequenting Disney World for decades and have witnessed many rides and attractions come and go. Often, over time, rides need simple updating like in the case of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth. Other times they get a complete overhaul—remember how vastly different the old Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios was? Still, in some cases, they sadly are removed completely, and all that remains are the small remnants of the distant yet wonderful memories they left us with. When rides or attractions are on their way to extinction, what typically follows is an outcry from fans who just can’t fathom the idea of the theme park without their beloved ride (Hello, Maelstrom!). And who can blame them? These rides and attractions are associated with some of the most timeless memories from vacations we cherished with our loved ones and can even resurrect the wonder of our childhood. When the nostalgia of a long lost Disney ride hits you, you can be sure that the little stirring deep within is an experience begging to be remembered and kept alive. The list is long of Disney rides and attractions of yesteryear, some holding far more powerful memories than other more forgettable ones. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we recount our top 10 Disney World rides and attractions that are no longer with us.

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